Rapid Needs Assessment Team Leader Libya Benghazi

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  • Added Date: Thursday, 15 September 2022
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  1. Role and responsibilities

    The purpose of the Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) Team Leader is to coordinate and lead the Rapid Needs Assessment unit, focused on West, East and South of Libya. The role is also responsible to provide capacity building sessions  staff across both Area Offices related to the emergency response, data qualitative and quantitative methods to collect humanitarian data and contextual analysis to provide accurate information for the broaden humanitarian community in Libya

    Generic responsibilities (max 10)

  2. Monitor the context, and triggers for the deployment of the Rapid Needs Assessment Team;
  3. Develop a plan for each Rapid Needs Assessment and contribute to the go/no-go process prior to deployment of the team;
  4. Liaise with NRC HSS team and local authorities, community stakeholders and INGO stakeholders to facilitate access and approvals for data collection;
  5. Lead the Rapid Needs Assessment team when it is deployed for data collection;
  6. Lead on and coordinate regular data analysis gathering and produce informative reports for dissemination amongst broader humanitarian community;
  7. Line Management of RNA Technical Assistant and enumerators;
  8. Ensure systematic training and build capacity program of staff at Area Office level
  9. Support on the development of advocacy and communication products to ensure a response to the humanitarian needs identified;
  10. Represent NRC in relevant forums/Clusters, including in meetings with national authorities, if appropriate;
  11. Compliance and adherence to NRC policies, guidance and procedures

    Specific responsibilities

  12. Monitor the humanitarian situation and provide a regular context and conflict analysis update in the areas of interest
  13. Liaise with relevant stakeholders to ensure there is a constant information flow about potential new displacements of migrants, refugees and people of concern
  14. Develop information management systems, templates and tools for quantitative and qualitative data collection exercises, reporting and M&E at the RNA unit
  15. Coordinate with Core Competency staff both at the Area Offices and Country Offices (e.g. M&E Manager) to design, plan and implement Rapid Needs Assessments in the identified areas per internal/external needs
  16. Implementation of Rapid Needs Assessments (RNA) in the areas identified in coordination with other Core Competency staff and Incentive Workers (IW)
  17. Produce internal and external products (e.g. dashboards, flash reports, reports, communication materials) to present the results of the data collection exercises conducted
  18. Contribute to the development of publications, research and briefing papers based on RNA.
  19. Contribute to the Emergency Preparedness Plan and Minimum Preparedness Activities.

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