Written Test UNICEF, UNDP - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer / Information and data management Officer

When preparing for a written test for positions like Monitoring and Evaluation Officer or Information and Data Management Officer, candidates should expect a mix of questions tailored to assess their analytical skills.

TOP 100 the most popular interview questions

If you're gearing up for an interview with the United Nations, a UN agency, or an international NGO, being well-prepared to tackle some of the most common interview questions .

YPP Written Test Samples 2024

Below are sample scenarios and questions for the YPP written test to give you an idea of what to expect in 2024.

Sample of Assistant Interview UNDP

Below, you'll find a sample of potential interview questions for UNDP and IOM and how you might approach answering them effectively.

UNDP Written Test Samples 2023-2024

Preparing for a written test with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) can be a crucial step in advancing your career within this prestigious organization.

Interview questions and Written test for Community Services Assistant

Explore crucial interview questions for a Community Services Assistant role in our latest article. Gain insights into UNICEF's mandate, global objectives, challenges and much more. Understand what can be asked on interview and for written test.

โ€‹Real WFP written test for Senior Admin Assistant G5 - G6

Real WFP Senior Admin Assistant G5 - G6 written test to showcase your skills in task prioritization, online survey software research, and Excel report analysis. This 60-minute test.

Written tests in UN

Written tests are a common part of the recruitment process for many positions within the United Nations, especially for mid-level, professional, and higher categories. Hereโ€™s what you need to know about the UN's written tests with samples

Sample of Manager Interview

Here are some sample interview questions that might be asked for a Management Adviser role at UNDP, along with strategic tips on how to answer them effectively.

โ€‹Terms of Reference Sample

Explore the Terms of Reference for a Programme Manager position at IOM Kosovo.