Written tests in UN


We've already described the HR selection process in UN, UNDP and others NGOs.

As it was mentioned the first step of hr selection it is formal criteria. Your CV and Personal History form should be relevant to the Vacancy Position. If your CV and experience are relevant to the vacancy position details you are placed in so-called "Long List of Candidates" This Long List coordinated with Project Manager and may be cut. Next step may be different in it maybe an interview or it may be written test. Usually for low and bottom position second step is written test. The aim of the test is to check your skills and Qualifications .

In case you are approved for the next step by HR and Project Manager, you will receive such email - This is to inform you that you have been short-listed for the subject post. By this email you are kindly invited to the next stage of the selection process which is a written test. Please see test details below:

Date: 11 September
Time slot: 11:00 London time
Duration: 120 minutes
Location: examination will be conducted remotely and will be sent to you via email at the scheduled time.

You should approve the date and time, and on the defined date you will receive written test with following instructions:

You have 10 minutes to confirm the receipt of the test and that you were able to open the attached document(s). You have 120 minutes to complete the test and e-mail it back. Do not put your name on the answer paper as it will be marked anonymously. The use of internet or another hard-copy material as a source for your replies is prohibited. Should it be discovered that you have used the internet or other materials, your interview will be disqualified. In case you are quoting a text, please indicate the source of the information. Tests found to include plagiarized or unattributed material will be disqualified.

To say honestly you can use the Internet because it can't be checked. Of course, you mustn't(!) copy-past all information, but you may check some details, verify information and so on.

Real Samples of Written Tasks, Tests.

All samples of tests provided only for educational purposes. It's strictly prohibited to copy them, publish and release on other sites.

IT Specialist / IT Officer

What is the difference between a library and an institution mandated with the management of archives?

What is the purpose of redaction in a judicial environment? Why is it necessary to redact the audio-visual recordings of the trial proceedings of the ICTR?

Based on the information provided below, generate a table in this document which lists the name of the ICTR case, the date of the proceeding, the number of tapes per session, and the file name(s) of the digital copies of those records. The table should list the information in chronological order .

What is the significance of file compression in determining if an audio-visual file format is suitable for archival purposes?

High staff questions.

United Nation Written Assessment for the position of Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist โ€“ P4

3 Hour.


Please review the following indicators, identify their weaknesses if any, reformulate as needed to address the weaknesses and identify the type of indicator: 1. Number of communities that have democratically and gender equitably designed and implemented food security plans

2.What is a monitoring and evaluation plan is and what is used for? For two of the revised indicators, define the indicators and what it measures, identify, potential data sources, and develop a monitoring and evaluation plan including baseline, routine monitoring and evaluation. Identify three conditions for ensuring availability.

3.Present the data below using graphs. Interpret the findings, present conclusions and identify limitations. Identify, at least, three additional sets of information needed to strengthen the inferences that can be drawn from the data.

4. Please discuss, including through examples, the ways in which indicators measuring both averages and percentages can either be misleading or advantageous in presenting and analysing data results

Report about the situation in an IDP camp. Need to determine - GOOD or BAD.

Determine whether the situation is good or bad for each single point described; ๏‚ท

Determine whether the situation is good or bad for the situation as a whole. What is your rationale?

The IDP camp XYZ is situated 40 km from the frontline. It is located on a slope with a 7% gradient.

The covered area available per person averages 3.5 sqm. The total area, per person, including infrastructures, averages 35 sqm.

Each person has access to 200g of soap per month.

There is a water point for every 250 people. Each water point has a flow of 0.1 litres per second.

The maximum distance from any shelter in the area from a water point is 450 m.

There is a toilet for 50 people.

IDPs can count a daily intake of 1,800 kcals.

The crude mortality rate is 8 deaths per 10,000 persons per week.

The under-5 mortality rate is 2 / 10,000 / day.

The measles vaccination coverage reaches 90%. A therapeutic feeding programme has been established.

1/10 of the people assisted through it has died.

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