Recruitment Process in UN

Recruitment Process in UN, UNICEF, OSCE, and others NGOs.

The recrutment process will be described in the example of UN, or UNHCR.

Formal criteria.

The first step is to find a vacancy that is suitable for your background and your knowledge. The UN job system is quite complex and official UN website doesn't provide all available jobs and vacancies. This is a real surprise, but it's true. The UN website provided some international vacancies, but really not all of them. There a lot of national vacancies are missed. So we advise you to use our service to find a suitable job for you.

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You may use search criteria like Organisation, Location (Countries, Cities), Contract level and so on.

The first common mistake is to apply for the job that is not relevant for your past professional or education qualifications and experience. Always read carefully Duties and Responsibilities, Competencies and Required Skills and Experience . If it is mentioned that candidate is need "Education: A Master's degree or higher", you really need the Master degree of higher. If in vacancies mentioned At least 5 years of experience developing and managing user management systems - you really should have 5 years of such experience and this experience should be described in your P-11 form (special Personal History form - analog of CV of UN purposes. More detail information about P-11 you may find here ). So carefully read Qualifications and Experience criteria in the vacancy description. It saves your time and the time of HR Officer.

Also, some vacancies require two and more languages (for example English and French) so pay attention to Language Requirements.

Also if you would like to know the position salary, please read this article - UN Salary Scale in UN, Types of UN contracts.


Step two - Now you are sure that your qualification, education, and experience is relevant for the published vacancy. You may press apply now button and our service will open the page with the vacancy details on the official website of UN or other NGO.

Warning. In the bottom of vacancy description, there may be mentioned special requirements for the application process. Some UN agencies, NGOs have different applications rules. There are most common - 1) In the bottom is mentioned email of HR, and it is asked to send to this email your CV, and cover letter. 2) Sometimes, it is also required to send Personal History form, P-11) 3) Not special requirements is mentioned and there is only Apply Now button.

So do not hesitate and press apply now button and fill in all boxes with a red star *. Fill in your actual email address, because all answers You will receive on this email. In the Resume and Motivation letter - you may copy paste your CV and Cover letter. Attention - there may be special requirements like Maximum 1000 Characters for the Motivation / Cover Letter.


After you fill in all boxes - you should press Submit application. But this is not the end.

After this, you will be offered to attach your resume or CV. Attention. Here you should attach your completed Personal History form ( P-11). This is very important, because the P-11 form is most important in your application process. Different UN agencies (UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR) have different versions of P-11 form, so You should download the P-11 from an official website of UN agency that published the vacancy. After you attach your P-11 form you press button send / submit an application.

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What's next?

The full selection process in UN agencies takes from 2 weeks to 4 months. There is a joke, if you would like to find a good job in UN, you need half a year.

If you application is succeeded, you will get an email to the next step of a selection process - usually, it is writing test. How to prepare for the writing test you may read here. The next step is an interview. If you've invited for the interview - your chances to get a job is quite well. Usually, not more than 10 candidates are invited for the interview. As a common interview is arranged by Skype, but can be personal. Examples of interview questions you may see here.

If your Interview is succeeded your will receive a job offer on the email after 1 - 2 weeks (sometimes it may even after 1 month).

Do you have any questions do not hesitate to write me on or to FB or check FAQ about UN recruitment

Steven White, CEO