7 Steps to get a job in the United Nations

UN Missions - general tips on how to get a job in the UN?

UN Roster - Fastest Route to UN Field Missions

• Approximately 90% of civilian staff are recruited from rosters

• A roster is a list of pre-approved candidates who have already been assessed and cleared. They can then be rapidly selected for service in UN Peace Operations. Once you have a roster membership, you will receive invitations to apply for posts at that level (e.g. P3 or P4) and job title (e.g. political or civil affairs)

• You decide which posts to apply for and when to apply based on the vacancies available

• Roster openings are also advertised on uncareer.net

UN Roster Opportunities

Generic Job Openings (GJOs) scheduled are:

Priority 1 - Supply Chain/Service Delivery

Priority 2 fill in roster Gaps

Priority 3. Women-only. In Mission Support at the D-1 and P-5 levels, matched to Senior Women Talent Pipeline profiles, which will be posted as part of the implementation of the Gender Parity Strategy.


• If you have the required qualifications, always indicate your first level degree as `Bachelor's degree and your Master as `Master's Degree'. Do not select 'Certificate/Diplomat as this is riot recognized as a degree by the system.

• Always list an end date for your degree and indicate that you have obtained the degree. (Tick YES 'Yes' for 'Degree obtained). If you do not do so, the system will automatically reject your application.

• Always indicate whether you completed the degree full-time or part-time, and in person or distance learning.

• If you don't find your university on the list. put it under 'Other accredited university.

How do I get on the UN roster?

• Submit your application by the closing date

• Suitable candidates will be invited to take a written test (online)

• Short-listed candidates invited to a Competency Based Interview, usually conducted in English • During the interview, candidates are asked to provide examples from their past experience to illustrate the competencies specified in the job description

• Successful candidates will be notified and placed on the roster

The recruitment process for the rosters may take up to 6-12 months.

UN Work Experience

• The UN needs to know all of your work experience history. Make sure to list all your work experience, even if it goes back 15 years!

• Don't forget to list your current job in your PHP.

• Indicate an end date on all your previous jobs and make sure all dates are consistent.

• Highlight 5-10 outcomes or deliverables under 'Achievements'.

• Do not assume recruiters know what you mean. Be clear and precise in your description of duties.

It takes up to three hours to compile a PHP from scratch do not wait until the last minute to apply!


• It is very important to include your mother tongue in the list of languages you are fluent in.

• Candidates who forget to list English will be automatically rejected by the system if fluency in English is a requirement.

• Fluency in a language is defined as being 'Fluent' in all 4 areas (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Understanding). If you are fluent but do riot indicate fluency in all 4. The system will reject your application if fluency is required, even if you have worked in that language previously.

• Good working knowledge of a language is defined as being 'Fluent' or 'Confident in at least 2 of the 4 areas. When in doubt, check the requirements!

UN Core Values

• Integrity, Professionalism, Respect, and Diversity

Questions on professionalism will include a gender parity or mainstreaming element

UN Core Competencies

Communication, Teamwork, Planning and Organizing, Accountability, Creativity, Client Orientation, Commitment to Continuous Learning, Technological Awareness

UN Managerial Competencies

Vision, Leadership, Empowering, Others, Managing Performance, Building Trust, Judgement, and Decision-making

Check competencies in the job opening before your interview to prepare for likely questions! Questions are based on the competencies!

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