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5 Steps to get a job in the United Nations
5 Steps to get a job in the United Nations

UN Jobs : how to build a career in United nations

Getting a job in the UN is a dream for many people, as a UN job is an amazing chance to grow both professionally and personally while getting priceless experience. Working for the UN, one should expect working in a team of international experts, competitive salaries, and great career opportunities. So, let's have a more detailed look at job types offered by the UN and clarify how to become a part of this powerful organization.

But the main question is “how to get a job at the un” without spending 10 years to achieve this dream ?

How to Start the UN Career

If you love our planet and people and are eager to change the world for better, you will certainly find an ideal job for yourself in the UN. This organization is a huge employer, offering numerous career opportunities not only for experienced professionals but also for those who are just looking for a dream job. Competition is usually fierce, as there are often many candidates for the same position, which is proof that UN jobs are desirable and popular. Nevertheless, it's possible to become a UN worker. But be ready to prepare for it, as it may not be as easy as people eager to start a career in the UN usually expect. Now, let's have a look at the main steps you'll have to do to start the UN career.

  1. Prepare. The best way to start is to browse the United Nations official website to get a better understanding of what you are offered. This may be super helpful for those who do not yet understand what they are looking for. On the website, you will have a chance to get acquainted with a list of job openings, areas, and qualifications required. Information is everything, so be prepared.
  2. Choose the staff category. As we have already mentioned, there are several staff categories to choose from. So, the next step is choosing the category. You should take into account your skills and interests, as well as work experience (it's essential for some jobs).
  3. Make sure you have enough experience and qualification for the position chosen. Understandably, each position has a set of requirements you should meet for your application to be considered. Sometimes candidates don't pay attention to the requirements relying on luck. It's completely wrong, as in this case people just waste their time applying. We'll discuss general requirements a little bit later.
  4. Register an account. Having selected a job, you should proceed to the next step - registration. To register a personal account, you'll have to provide some personal information (like your date of birth, your name, email, etc). You'll also have to provide some information about your qualification. And the last step is to create a user name and a password.
  5. Choose a job and apply. Think twice whether you meet all the requirements not to waste your time for nothing. You can apply for as many positions as you like. Instead using CV, you will need to use forms as UN p11 form (personal history form).  The applying process is not a complicated one, you just have to follow the instructions.
  6. Wait for an interview invitation. Having applied for a job (or several), all you have to do is wait. You will be able to check the status of your application in your account. Be attentive, as only those selected for an interview will be informed about the result.

There are several programs designed to help young people to find a career path in the UN. One of the most popular is the Young Professionals Programme (we'll discuss it a little bit later).



GIZ Jobs

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is a German federal enterprise that operates in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. It was established on January 1, 2011, by merging three organizations: the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), the German Development Service (DED), and InWEnt-Capacity Building International.

GIZ works in more than 120 countries worldwide and focuses on a wide range of sectors, including economic development, governance and democracy, peace and security, health, education, and environment and climate change. Its activities aim to support partner countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to Germany's international cooperation agenda.

The organization has a staff of around 22,000 employees, most of whom are based in partner countries, and works with a broad range of partners, including governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector. GIZ's main funding comes from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), but it also receives funding from other German ministries, the European Union, and other international donors.

GIZ Jobs

GIZ offers a variety of job opportunities in different fields and regions. The organization seeks qualified and motivated individuals who are passionate about working in international development and are committed to promoting sustainable development worldwide. Here are some examples of job opportunities in GIZ:

Project Manager: This role involves managing development projects and programs, ensuring their successful implementation and achieving results. Project managers need to have experience in project management, preferably in international development, and excellent communication and leadership skills.

Technical Advisor: Technical advisors provide expertise in specific sectors such as agriculture, energy, water and sanitation, or health. They support the design and implementation of projects and programs, ensuring that technical aspects are addressed effectively.

Program Officer: Program officers assist in the planning, coordination, and monitoring of development programs and projects. They are responsible for ensuring that activities are implemented according to the work plan and that project objectives are achieved.

Communications Specialist: Communications specialists are responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies and campaigns to promote GIZ's work and impact. They need to have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and experience in developing communication materials.

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) officers design and implement M&E systems to measure the progress and impact of GIZ's projects and programs. They need to have strong analytical skills and experience in designing and implementing M&E systems.

To apply for a job at GIZ, candidates can visit the organization's website and browse through the available positions. They can then submit their applications online, providing a CV and a cover letter that highlights their qualifications and experience. GIZ also offers internship opportunities for students and recent graduates who want to gain experience in international development.

How to get a job in GIZ?

To get a job in GIZ, you should follow these steps:

Check the GIZ website: Visit the GIZ website and navigate to the "Careers" section to explore current job openings. You can browse by country, job category, or keyword.

Check your qualifications: Before applying for a job at GIZ, make sure you meet the qualifications and requirements listed in the job description. Typically, you will need a relevant degree and work experience in the field you are applying for.

Customize your application: Customize your application to fit the specific job requirements and tailor your CV and cover letter to highlight your relevant skills and experience. Make sure to address the key qualifications listed in the job description.

Submit your application: Once you have customized your application, submit it through the GIZ website. You may also be asked to complete an online assessment or interview.

Follow up: After you have submitted your application, follow up with GIZ to inquire about the status of your application. You can also check the status of your application on the GIZ website.

Consider internship opportunities: If you are a student or recent graduate, you may want to consider applying for an internship at GIZ. Internships provide valuable experience and can lead to full-time employment opportunities.

It's important to note that competition for jobs at GIZ can be high, so it's important to make sure your application stands out by highlighting your relevant qualifications and experience. Additionally, make sure to keep your skills and knowledge up to date in the field of international development, as this will increase your chances of being hired.

GIZ Salary Scale

GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) is a German development agency that operates in many countries around the world. As an international organization, GIZ offers competitive salary packages that vary depending on the location, job position, level of experience, and education of the employee.

However, the exact salary scale of GIZ employees is not publicly available as it is subject to confidentiality agreements and varies depending on the specific role and location. Nevertheless, GIZ provides a transparent salary system that takes into account different factors, including job responsibilities, qualifications, experience, and local market conditions.

If you are interested in working for GIZ, you can find more information about their job vacancies, requirements, and benefits on their website. You can also contact their human resources department for more details on the salary scale for a particular position.

GIZ Salary and benefits

GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) offers competitive salaries and benefits packages to its employees. The exact salary and benefits package vary depending on the employee's job position, level of experience, and location.

Here are some general information about the benefits that GIZ provides to its employees:

Health Insurance: GIZ provides comprehensive health insurance coverage to its employees, which includes medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Retirement Benefits: GIZ offers a retirement savings plan to its employees, which includes employer contributions and matching contributions.

Paid Leave: GIZ provides paid time off for holidays, sick days, and vacation days, as well as other types of leave.

Professional Development: GIZ provides opportunities for its employees to develop their professional skills and advance their careers, such as training programs, workshops, and mentoring.

Flexible Working Arrangements: GIZ offers flexible working arrangements, such as telecommuting, part-time work, and flexible schedules, to help employees balance their work and personal life.

Other Benefits: GIZ provides other benefits to its employees, such as transportation allowances, relocation assistance, and language classes.

It's worth noting that GIZ is an equal opportunity employer and strives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. The organization also has a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

If you're interested in working for GIZ, you can visit their website for more information about their job vacancies, requirements, and benefits. Additionally, you can contact their human resources department for more details on the specific benefits package for a particular job position.