Technical Officer II - Crisis Response

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Job Summary:

The technical officer will work closely with the health advisor to ensure quality design, monitoring, and implementation of programs through various program support activities. Drafts the technical portions of proposals and project design, based on the design and direction set by technical leadership. Provides technical support services to assigned projects under supervision. Assists with project implementation and training. Contributes to new business development initiatives including project design, budgeting, and recruitment efforts.


Technical Requirements:

  • Provides technical support in the development and dissemination of tools, materials, reports, papers, and intervention for research projects.

  • Works closely with assigned team to ensure activities are implemented according to standard operating procedures (SOPโ€™s).

  • Assists with publications, web pages, and presentations.

  • Conducts searches of published literature on evolving issues in assigned technical area.

  • Monitors and maintains protocols, instruments, data sets, manuals, training materials and reports.

  • Develops or writes technical briefs, reports, or other necessary materials to facilitate research, standard methodologies, policies, and procedures.

  • Assists with the implementation of technical/research studies by monitoring and documenting processes.

  • Conducts analysis of project, implementation to identify areas for improvement and propose appropriate technical strategy and guidelines.

  • Delivers presentations at professional meetings and conferences.

  • Ensures project implementation, adheres to company strategy, and remains technically sound.

    Project Design Implementation:

    • Supports new project start-ups by serving as field technical staff for Short-Term Technical Assistance (STTA) missions.

    • Serves as dotted-line technical support for junior technical staff while on STTA missions.

    • Tracks project indicators and produces reports for others to act upon.

    • Assists with implementing components of the technical portions of the project plan.

    • Identifies and raises issues to senior technical advisors.

    • Conducts analysis of project implementation to identify areas for improvement and propose appropriate technical strategy and guidelines

    • Responds to technical requests and inquiries from internal and external staff.

      Business Development and Client/Funder Support:

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