Regional Data Hub Support Officer

  • Added Date: Monday, 18 October 2021
  • Deadline Date: Sunday, 31 October 2021

The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) has been IOMโ€™s main operational tool for tracking and monitoring the movements and evolving needs of displaced and mobile populations. The Asia-Pacific Regional Data Hub (RDH) aspires to reference a comprehensive set of such data, including information on migration trends, stocks and flows in the Asia-Pacific region. The RDH aims to support evidence- based strategic and policy level discussion on human mobility through a combined set of initiatives including strengthening of regional primary and secondary data collection and analysis; increasing Information management capacity across countries; providing technical support to ensure harmonization and interoperability of key methodologies, tools and data used to monitor human mobility; and the engagement of key stakeholders and governmental counterparts in migration dialogues and consultation.

Under the overall Supervision of the Regional Coordinator and the direct supervision of the Regional DTM Officer based in Bangkok, Thailand and in coordination with the Relevant Units in ROAP and Headquarters (HQs) in Geneva, Switzerland the successful candidate will be working closely with Regional Migration Data Analysis and Research Officer (MiDARO) and Data Analyst and will be responsible for overseeing aspects of reporting of various activities or projects which may develop within RDH and DTM, and assisting with RDHโ€™s work on migration data research and analysis, focusing on human mobility dynamics including mixed migration movements, trends, and characteristics across the region.**

Core Functions / Responsibilities:

  1. Contribute to the regional, sub-regional, geographic and thematic analyses and reports on issues of relevance to the current mixed migration dynamics in the region.

  2. Work closely with RDHโ€™s Regional Migration Data Analysis and Research Officer (MiDARO) and Data Analyst to pursue its core objective to enhance, strengthen and promote the regional evidence base on migration by addressing the gap in human mobility data scenario, developing a long-term solution for real time monitoring of secondary data sources and consolidating primary data collected for research in the region covering migration and displacement.

  3. Identify gaps in existing human mobility data, specific data needs for national, regional, sub-regional and global policy making, and capacities of relevant actors on migration and displacement data; Develop tools and mechanisms to fill those gaps.

  4. Use existing IOM data from global, regional, sub-regional and national projects and initiatives for data triangulation to enhance cross-thematic data analysis for regional and national reporting within the Asia and Pacific region and to strengthen evidence-based policy formulation, national and regional humanitarian and development planning.

  5. Conduct data verification, triangulation and validation through multiple sources, both primary and secondary (including media monitoring, national and local authorities, network of key informants).

  6. Support desk review and carry out extensive and in-depth data analysis of data-sources identified under the desk review.

  7. Support the RDH to consolidate all relevant IOM and non-IOM data into one internal database, to help IOM and its partners to produce structured and regular data-reports and information products that outline regional human mobility data and related trends. Ensure the effective use of the designated information systems, including offline and online platforms, application tools, and other systems to manage the implementation of the information management mechanism.

  8. Participate in regional foram on migration and mobility when requested to support improved coordination on data and evidence for policy and guidance at the regional level; When requested, work with the RDH team to develop tailored data and evidence analysis on specific issues to support IOM and its partnersโ€™ policy analysis objectives.

  9. Responsible for drafting and developing all the required reports and information products of RDH, including, but not limited to, progress reports, analytical and statistical reports, newsletters, papers and other publications that RDH is involved in.

  10. Organize appropriate trainings for the data collection team on issues related to Needs and Population Monitoring (NPM) reporting, including definitions, numbers, trends, impact on receiving populations, humanitarian concerns, and basic humanitarian needs.

  11. Support overall programme implementation and reporting. Track progress and ensure that deadlines are met.

  12. Undertake desk research and analysis, format internal and external programme reports and documents.

  13. Ensure the timely preparation and generation of regional, sub-regional and national level information products, as well as support information sharing and dissemination to all relevant channels.

  14. Actively contribute to the development of the information management strategic framework.

  15. Adhere to IOM data protection policy, data governance standard, data security standard, ITC standard, and consider best practices and lessons learned on ethical data collection, data used and sharing and dissemination.

  16. Represent IOM in different platform working group and provide strategic inputs towards the agreed results.

  17. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

This vacancy is archived.

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