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Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian organization that delivers impartial medical care to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care in over 70 countries.

We welcome candidates who bring a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to join us in working toward MSF’s common mission.


The Systems Department in the U.S. office of Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is comprised of four technology teams: Digital Internal Operations, Product & Innovation, Infrastructure & Operations, and Helpdesk., Together they provide the vital products and services so that MSF-USA can achieve its ambitious new Strategic Plan (2022-2025).

The PMO role reports to the Director of Systems and will be responsible for portfolio management and project management activities which facilitate the delivery of the Strategic Plan and coordinate these projects and activities across Internal Operations departments.


At MSF-USA, the Systems Department is launching a new Project Management Office (PMO)
to ensure best practices for portfolio management within Internal Operations. The role involves managing stakeholders and coordinating short-term and long-term projects that produce results for our new Strategic Plan (2022-2024).

The role of PMO Lead will continuously evolve over the course of this three-year Strategic Plan, as we formalize portfolio management, coordination and reporting practices within Internal Operations. Our goal is to adopt best practices as we look to continually improve collaboration and coordination for strategic priorities across teams.


Project Management (45%)

  • Project Manager for selected PMO projects that support our new three-year Strategic Plan (2022-2025)
    • Track and monitor any proposed pipeline projects and assess their relevance to the organization’s strategic direction
    • On request, train and build capacity in project management best practices for other departments and teams
    • Manage project related budgets, internal approval processes and procedures, stakeholder coordination and meetings.

      Portfolio Management (45%)

      • Working with a wide range of teams to develop and report on quarterly OKRs
        • Tracking and monitoring projects at the Systems and/or Internal Operations level
        • Continually recommend Agile best practices for teams in the Systems Department while also coordinating ritual meetings (project retrospectives for example) where needed.
        • Coordination of Internal Operations and related departments. As we look towards a more integrated strategy, the PMO will support the enhancement of existing processes, new technologies and resource management.
        • Tracking and supporting any change management activities at the Systems and/or Internal Operations level.
        • Manage internal approval processes and procedures, stakeholder coordination and meetings.

          Resourcing (10%)

          • Hire and onboard any project resources as consultants for project delivery. This may include consultants (individual or firms), advisors, or short-term temporary hires; and will depend on how the initiative will be managed to meet a goal.

            In this role you can expect:

            In Three Months

            • Serve as coordinator or project manager support for selected digital transformation projects. These are typically short-term projects with delivery timelines under six months.
            • Build on existing portfolio management practices and incorporate OKR and results reporting frameworks. Recommend how to establish portfolio management into any relevant major cross-departmental and strategic plan initiatives.
            • Recommend a portfolio management tool, frequency of reporting and coordination.

              In Six Months

              • Provide clarity about resource and project planning alignment to achieving Strategic Plan outcomes. Recommend adjustments to current planning processes with department leadership.

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