Crisis Response Coordinator โ€“ Yemen

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  • Added Date: Wednesday, 13 March 2024
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Job Summary:

FHI 360โ€™s West Africa Middle East Regional Office (WAMERO) is seeking an experienced Crisis Response Coordinator for the Yemen Country Office, based in Aden, Yemen.

After years of continuous conflict, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is still considered one of the worst in the world. Widespread conflict exacerbates existing vulnerabilities as severe economic decline, food insecurity, and collapse of essential services continue to take an enormous toll on the population. Faced with a deterioration of the health system and ongoing hostilities, communities have been left without essential life- saving services. The combination of extreme vulnerability and low general immunity puts Yemen at exceptional risk for communicable disease outbreak. A profound economic crisis threatens the government's ability to sustain vital public services. Multiple domestic and global shocks are driving these contractions, including recurrent natural events, the economic and food security repercussions of the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, global inflation, significant funding gaps, and access to services challenges,

Operational in Yemen since 2018, FHI 360 is implementing an integrated humanitarian assistance program in health, nutrition, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and Health Coordination sectors.

FHI 360โ€™s approach to humanitarian response in Yemen focuses on emergency rehabilitation, WASH, and provision of training, supplies, and equipment, ensuring continued quality of operations and proper maintenance of the health facilities to enable uninterrupted lifesaving health and nutrition service provision. Complementing these interventions, FHI 360 is currently the co-lead of the Health Cluster in IRG controlled areas, working to enhance the effectiveness of the humanitarian response within the health sector in southern Yemen. FHI 360 has dual focus on institutional and community-level engagement. With a team of about 50 staff, we support 12 fixed health facilities and surrounding communities, as well as two mobile health teams across Aden and Mokha. Through both the improvement in access to quality health services, along with improved coordination of the overall health response in Aden Hub, FHI 360โ€™s programmatic activities are designed to contribute to improved well-being of the population in Yemen.

The Crisis Response Coordinator leads the organizationโ€™s humanitarian response activities in Yemen, providing leadership to ensure rapid, scalable and high-quality response. Serves as the lead senior representative for humanitarian programming in Yemen. Primary responsibilities are to lead and support all project related activities while ensuring internationally accepted practices and humanitarian principles are followed. Responsible for leading the FHI 360 humanitarian team and plays a critical role in ensuring the organizationโ€™s emergency programming is responsive to the needs of conflict- and disaster-affected populations. Ensure humanitarian activities are evidence- based and adhere to accepted standards.

Duty of Care Statement: This duty station has been designated as high risk or extreme risk and poses a heightened risk or direct threat to personal safety. Applicants should research this location and the associated risks before submitting an application.


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