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UN Jobs : how to build a career in United nations

Getting a job in the UN is a dream for many people, as a UN job is an amazing chance to grow both professionally and personally while getting priceless experience. Working for the UN, one should expect working in a team of international experts, competitive salaries, and great career opportunities. So, let's have a more detailed look at job types offered by the UN and clarify how to become a part of this powerful organization.

But the main question is “how to get a job at the un” without spending 10 years to achieve this dream ?

How to Start the UN Career

If you love our planet and people and are eager to change the world for better, you will certainly find an ideal job for yourself in the UN. This organization is a huge employer, offering numerous career opportunities not only for experienced professionals but also for those who are just looking for a dream job. Competition is usually fierce, as there are often many candidates for the same position, which is proof that UN jobs are desirable and popular. Nevertheless, it's possible to become a UN worker. But be ready to prepare for it, as it may not be as easy as people eager to start a career in the UN usually expect. Now, let's have a look at the main steps you'll have to do to start the UN career.

  1. Prepare. The best way to start is to browse the United Nations official website to get a better understanding of what you are offered. This may be super helpful for those who do not yet understand what they are looking for. On the website, you will have a chance to get acquainted with a list of job openings, areas, and qualifications required. Information is everything, so be prepared.
  2. Choose the staff category. As we have already mentioned, there are several staff categories to choose from. So, the next step is choosing the category. You should take into account your skills and interests, as well as work experience (it's essential for some jobs).
  3. Make sure you have enough experience and qualification for the position chosen. Understandably, each position has a set of requirements you should meet for your application to be considered. Sometimes candidates don't pay attention to the requirements relying on luck. It's completely wrong, as in this case people just waste their time applying. We'll discuss general requirements a little bit later.
  4. Register an account. Having selected a job, you should proceed to the next step - registration. To register a personal account, you'll have to provide some personal information (like your date of birth, your name, email, etc). You'll also have to provide some information about your qualification. And the last step is to create a user name and a password.
  5. Choose a job and apply. Think twice whether you meet all the requirements not to waste your time for nothing. You can apply for as many positions as you like. Instead using CV, you will need to use forms as UN p11 form (personal history form).  The applying process is not a complicated one, you just have to follow the instructions.
  6. Wait for an interview invitation. Having applied for a job (or several), all you have to do is wait. You will be able to check the status of your application in your account. Be attentive, as only those selected for an interview will be informed about the result.

There are several programs designed to help young people to find a career path in the UN. One of the most popular is the Young Professionals Programme (we'll discuss it a little bit later).



Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Jobs

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a philanthropic organization founded by billionaire businessman and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates in 2000. The foundation is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and has an endowment of over $50 billion.

The foundation's primary goals are to improve global health, reduce poverty, and increase access to education and technology. It focuses on a wide range of initiatives, including vaccine development and delivery, disease prevention and control, agricultural development, and improving access to financial services for the poor.

Some of the foundation's major initiatives include the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge. The foundation also supports educational initiatives, including efforts to improve access to high-quality education for disadvantaged children in the United States.

The Gates Foundation is one of the largest and most influential philanthropic organizations in the world, and its work has had a significant impact on global health and development.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Jobs.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation offers a variety of job opportunities across its different initiatives and areas of focus. Some of the job titles and areas of work that are commonly found within the foundation include:

Program Officers: These are professionals responsible for developing and implementing programs within the foundation's focus areas. They work with grantees and other partners to identify areas of need and design strategies to address them.

Researchers and Scientists: The foundation also employs scientists and researchers who conduct research to inform the foundation's work in areas such as global health, agriculture, and education.

Finance and Operations: The foundation has a team of professionals responsible for managing the organization's finances, operations, and human resources. These roles may include finance managers, operations managers, and HR professionals.

Communications and Public Affairs: The foundation also has a team of professionals responsible for communicating the organization's work to the public and managing relationships with the media, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

The foundation typically posts its job openings on its website, and applicants can search and apply for jobs online. The foundation also offers internships and fellowship opportunities for students and recent graduates who are interested in gaining experience in philanthropy and global development.

How to get a job in Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a highly reputable and competitive organization, and there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of landing a job there:

Research the foundation: Before applying, research the foundation's mission, values, and goals. This will help you tailor your application and show your alignment with the organization.

Identify relevant job openings: Check the foundation's website regularly for job postings, and identify roles that match your skills and experience. You can also sign up for job alerts to stay updated on new opportunities.

Update your resume and cover letter: Tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific role you are applying for, and highlight relevant skills and experience.

Network: Use LinkedIn, professional organizations, and other avenues to network with current or former employees of the foundation. You can also attend job fairs and events to connect with foundation representatives and learn more about the organization.

Prepare for the interview: If you are invited to interview, be prepared to speak about your relevant experience and how it aligns with the foundation's mission. Be sure to research the foundation's current initiatives and goals, and prepare thoughtful questions to ask during the interview.

Showcase your passion: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation seeks individuals who are passionate about their work and making a difference in the world. Showcasing your dedication and enthusiasm for the foundation's mission will set you apart from other candidates.

Remember, landing a job at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is highly competitive, and it may take time and persistence to achieve your goal. Keep improving your skills, gain relevant experience, and stay up-to-date with the foundation's initiatives and goals.

Salary and benefits Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation offers competitive compensation packages to its employees. However, the exact salary and benefits package can vary depending on the role, location, and level of experience.

In general, the foundation offers salaries that are competitive with the nonprofit sector and commensurate with the candidate's skills and experience. The foundation also provides a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as a retirement plan, life and disability insurance, and paid time off.

In addition to standard benefits, the foundation offers some unique benefits to its employees, including:

  1. Parental Leave: The foundation offers generous parental leave to both mothers and fathers, allowing them to take up to 52 weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child.
  2. Education Assistance: The foundation provides tuition assistance for employees who want to further their education and professional development.
  3. Wellness Programs: The foundation offers a variety of wellness programs to its employees, including fitness classes, health coaching, and mindfulness meditation.
  4. Paid Volunteer Time: The foundation encourages its employees to volunteer in their communities by offering up to five paid days off per year to participate in volunteer activities.

Overall, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation offers a competitive salary and benefits package, as well as unique opportunities for professional and personal growth.