Psychosocial Consultant- Staff Care

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 02 September 2020
  • Deadline Date: Wednesday, 23 September 2020


Provide psychosocial services to national staff with maximum of 400 hours for individual sessions and maximum of 20 group sessions for the period of one year as below:

  • Provide at least 1 awareness raising session in each base (6 bases) to inform staff on the service and general information on staff care (will require a minimum of 1 visit per year to each hub in the area of operations).

  • Provide individual psychological support sessions to national staff members of HI mission โ€“ in the Middle East preferably face-to-face sessions, but also by phone and skype, as needed, to a maximum of 6 individual sessions per staff per calendar year

ยง HIโ€™s employees will directly contact the service provider to schedule their appointment, preferably on Friday and Tuesday, according to the availability of the service provider.

ยง The service provider will consult the staff list in annex to this contract to confirm the person is entitled to the individual session (depending on previous sessions received).

ยง The person will confirm that the service was received by internal e-mail monitored by the HRCo

ยง The service provider will invoice HI on a monthly basis for the sessions completed during the month

ยง Additional sessions provided upon request of the employees: after the 6th session, and according to the level of needs, the decision will be made upon HI HR Co validation to 1/ extra additional sessions; 2/ refer the employee to the adequate service

  • Provide psychological support sessions/debriefings to partnersโ€™ staffs after facing critical incidents:

ยง The staff will be referred by the HR Co

ยง if 5 or more persons impacted : 1 group session for all + 1 individual session / person upon request ; if more individual sessions are needed, the decision will be taken together with the HR Co.

ยง If 4 persons or less impacted: 1 individual session provided to each one + 1 additional individual session / person upon need ; if more individual sessions are requested, decision will be taken together with the HR Co.

ยง Sessions will be provided by Skype and/or face-to-face, depending on the situation.

  • The company / firm / institution should be gender- balanced (male and female), based on the needs of the staff.


Sessions can be delivered via Skype/phone, depending on the situations/conditions

In case of field visits required, HI will take care of the transportation, accommodation (either in hotel or individual room in shared guesthouse), visa, and all costs related to the trip and the travel allowance, as specified in the contract for the working hours spent travelling, according to flight tickets. A local mobile phone will be provided for the whole duration of the stay.



ยท Minimum of 4 years of work experience in humanitarian mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) programming.

ยท Experienced trainer/capacity building expert with in-depth knowledge about relevant topics to include staff-care and management; core principles of MHPSS, crisis interventions, etc.

ยท Cross-cultural working experience in the field of staff care and psychosocial support.

ยท Strong work ethics and commitment to humanitarian issues.

ยท Knowledge and experience providing individual and group staff support activities.

ยท Strong interpersonal and communication skills in a dynamic, multicultural setting.

ยท Proven reliability in the delivery of timely and quality services.

ยท Strong analytical skills.

ยท Sound understanding of professional ethics as they apply to mental health and employee care.


Arabic: Native speaker of the language( mother tongue)**

English: excellent command in English written and spoken


1- Bachelorโ€™s degree in Psychology or related science.

2- A certificate in Clinical Psychology and or Psychotherapy

3- Licensed as a Psychotherapist is a plus.

This vacancy is archived.

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