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The CDC Enhancing Global Health Security (EGHS) project is a global mechanism that supports Global Health Security Agenda goals through programs and activities focused on protecting and improving health security at country and regional levels. Core priorities include strengthened laboratory and surveillance systems, public health workforce, emergency operations and capacity to implement the International Health Regulations.

This primary function of this position is to provide technical assistance to the Guinea Direction National des Laboratoires (DNL) activities, programs, and/or portfolios. Collects compiles and analyzes information relevant to the implementation of the National Laboratory policy and strategic plan. Assists with strategic plan implementation. Ensures activities are on track with work plans. Gathers information to assist the Director of the DNL with activities being implemented. Provides support to the DNL team, in addition to communication efforts related to activity management and execution. Ensures compliance with internal and external regulations. May monitor with the DNL team budget for projects funded by partners and maintain a monitoring system for reviewing activity status. Ensures completion of the project while adhering to budget, scope, and schedule requirements. Develops/reviews work plans, prepares reports, and meeting minutes, and supports other related project objectives and deliverables.

Technical Responsibilities:

Programmatic Management Support:

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