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7 Steps to get a job in the United Nations

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING APPLICATION DEADLINE:ย  please note that the deadline for applications is indicated in local time as per the time zone of the applicantโ€™s location.


1. ย ย ย ย  Organizational Context


  1. Organizational Setting

    The post is assigned to the COVID-19 Focal Point in the WIPO Academy.ย  The COVID-19 Focal Point is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the WIPO COVID-19 Response package and in responding to requests from Member States for COVID related assistance.ย  The COVID-19 Focal Point is also responsible for monitoring and reporting to the Director General and WIPO Sector Leads on the implementation of the WIPO COVID-19 package and other related assistance provided to Member States.ย  In this capacity, the COVID-19 Focal Point chairs the WIPO COVID-19 Taskforce, which comprises senior staff delegated by Sector Leads within WIPO.ย  The Focal Point coordinates with the WIPO Regional Divisions and the Diplomatic Engagement and Assemblies Affairs Division to organize regular briefing sessions for Member States.ย  WIPO Member States and various stakeholders at the national level are the beneficiaries of the WIPOโ€™s COVID-19 related assistance, including both measures in response to the pandemic as well as strategies to use intellectual property as part of the post COVID-19 economic recovery and building back better.


    1. Purpose Statement

      The incumbent is responsible for developing, managing and coordinating the work related to the WIPO COVID-19 Response package, acting as Secretary to the WIPO COVID-19 Taskforce, and developing and ensuring the organization of monitoring, reporting and briefing sessions on WIPO's COVID related technical assistance.


      1. Reporting Lines

        The incumbent works under the supervision of the COVID-19 Focal Point.



        2.ย ย ย ย ย  Duties and Responsibilities


        The incumbent will perform the following principal duties:

        a.ย ย  Plan, initiate and coordinate the effective implementation by WIPO Sectors of the WIPO COVID-19 Response package and related WIPO technical assistance in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.ย  In coordination with relevant Sectors, ensure timely responses to requests from Member States for COVID-19 related technical assistance and maintain a record of such requests and the responses provided.ย  Analyze needs and appraise the suitability of proposed activities.

        b.ย ย  Promote and support cross-sectoral activities related to the COVID-19 Response package and related technical assistance.ย  Advise on the implications of established policies, plans, priorities and strategic objectives, as well as on developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

        c.ย ย  Identify and support the development of partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders to promote the effective implementation of WIPOโ€™s COVID-19 related technical assistance.

        d.ย ย  Coordinate with the Program Performance and Budget Division and members of the COVID-19 Taskforce to ensure effective monitoring and reporting on WIPO's implementation of the COVID-19 Response package and related technical assistance and the impact of this work.ย  Ensure the reflection and integration of new modalities, policies and practices, and methods for evaluation, into technical assistance and other relevant formulation processes to improve effectiveness and the planning and delivery processes.

        e.ย ย  Develop and ensure the organization of regular briefing sessions for Member States in coordination with WIPO Regional Divisions and the Diplomatic Engagement and Assemblies Affairs Division.

        f.ย ย ย  Prepare briefing notes, statements, position papers and presentations related to WIPOโ€™s COVID-19 response activities.

        g.ย ย  Design and provide presentations to staff and externally on WIPOโ€™s COVID-19 related technical assistance work.

        h.ย ย  Develop and manage WIPO's effective communication of its work in this area in consultation with News and Media Affairs Division and Information and Digital Outreach Division, including the redesign and maintenance of the WIPO COVID-19 website, the use of relevant regular and social media channels, and the development of content.

        i.ย ย ย  Act as the Secretary of the WIPO COVID-19 Taskforce, organizing regular meetings of the Taskforce, taking summary records of the discussions, ensuring effective follow-up to decisions taken.

        j.ย ย ย  Perform other duties as required.


        3.ย ย ย ย ย  Requirements


        Education (Essential)

        A first-level university degree in law, economics, geography/politics, international relations or relevant discipline.ย 


        Experience (Essential)

        At least six years of relevant professional experience, including in the field of IP technical assistance.


        Language (Essential)

        Excellent written and spoken knowledge of English and French.


        Language (Desirable)

        Knowledge of other UN official languages.


        Job Related Competencies (Essential)

        Knowledge and experience of the international and multilateral response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in the provision of technical assistance and support to Member States.
        Excellent understanding of the United Nations system and organizations.
        Experience in developing and managing partnerships, in particular with the private sector.
        Solid project management skills and understanding of project methodologies.
        Sound political judgment and capacity to work well with a range of actors including WIPO stakeholders.
        Ability to represent the Organization and provide advice and expertise.
        Analytical and conceptual skills.
        Ability to cultivate innovation and manage change; proactive in developing strategies to accomplish objectives and accountability in delivering results.
        Competent user of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint and the internet, and the ability to work with databases and adapt quickly to new systems and software.
        Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to maintain effective partnerships and working relations in a multi-culturalย environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.


        4.ย ย ย ย ย  Organizational Competencies


        1. Communicating effectively.
        2. Showing team spirit.
        3. Demonstrating integrity.
        4. Valuing diversity.
        5. Producing results.
        6. Showing service orientation.
        7. Seeing the big picture.
        8. Seeking change and innovation.
        9. Developing yourself and others.

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