Madrid Registry External Consultant in Korea

  • Added Date: Thursday, 30 June 2022
  • Deadline Date: Thursday, 14 July 2022
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Title of Assignment: Madrid Registry External Consultant

Name of unit/sector: Madrid Information and Promotion Division, Madrid Registry, Brands and Designs Sector

Place of Assignment: Republic of Korea

Expected places of travel (if applicable): Republic of Korea

Expected duration of assignment: From August 1 to December 31, 2022


1. Objectives of the assignment

The Contractor will support the Madrid marketing goal of increasing the use of the Madrid System for the international registration of marks in the Republic of Korea and assist in the promotion of the System among user communities in this country.

2. Deliverables/services

(a) Prepare a comprehensive marketing approach designed to reach out and connect with current and potential users of the Madrid System in the Republic of Korea and to provide them a better understanding of the filing routes to protect their trademarks abroad.

The approach should include:

i. Establishing and nurturing the relationship with three groups of stakeholders: agents/attorneys, influencers (SMEs associations, IP associations, chambers of commerce, federation of industries, etc.), and applicants/holders leveraging on the contact details and analytics gathered during the marketing campaigns;
ii. Meeting and consulting individually or in small groups with the agents/attorneys and influencers, with the objective of providing knowledge and materials, and facilitate the presentation of the Madrid System to their customers;
iii. Gathering the โ€œvoice of the marketโ€ and report to WIPO any idea, objection and sentiment coming from the applicants, influencers and agents.

(b) Provide a detailed work plan for WIPOโ€™s approval at the beginning of the contract, in accordance with the objectives described in paragraph 1 above, which should include planned: ย 

i. Engagement with main TM filersย  (either through field visits or other appropriate means) in Republic of Korea each month, to support their current and future filing activities;
ii. Engagement with potentialย  filers , with a special focus on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (either through field visits or other appropriate means) in the Republic of Korea each month, to promote use of the Madrid System;
iii. Participation in programs and events (e.g., webinars, seminars, forums, conferences, roundtables) in the Republic of Korea, which provide the opportunity to promote use of the Madrid System;
iv. Identification of successful stories of use of the Madrid System by businesses in the Republic of Korea and recommendation on production of case studies addressing ROK audiences;ย  and
v. Additional activities the Contractor determines to be consistent with the objectives of this assignment. ย 

(c) In executing the work plan, obtain and share information through a monthly report with WIPO about use of Madrid System by current and future filers in the Republic of Korea.ย  The monthly report should include details of:

i. Feedback on the information and transactional requirements of current and potential filers, including any proposals for changes to WIPOโ€™s information and service offerings; ย 
ii. The key decision points at which current and potential top filers commit to their strategy for international brand protection;
iii. Information on the key decision-makers in each firm, including their role and titles and their chief sources of influence or information on international brand protection;
iv. Obstacles preventing use of the Madrid System;
v. Plans for follow up visits and contacts made;
vi. Statistics and analysis of the national and international trademark filing trends in the Republic of Korea;
vii. Information regarding any increased interest in or use of the Madrid System as a result of the activities performed;
viii. Any information the Contractor determines to be consistent with the objectives of this assignment; and
ix. A summary of all activities, travel and mission expenditures incurred. ย 

(d) Inform WIPO of any Madrid System-related events and activities organized in Republic of Korea as they become known;ย  and

(e) Perform other tasks as required by the Organization.

3. Reporting

The Contractor shall work under the coordination of the Communications and Information Manager of the Madrid Information and Promotion Division, Madrid Registry.

4. Profile

This professional shall be highly knowledgeable about national and international trademark registration and the Madrid System, and shall possess the set of soft-skills required for a successful role as customer-facing WIPO consultant.

University degree in law, marketing, business administration or related field.

Experience in an IP Office or comparable working environment.

Good knowledge of the business and administrative procedures of WIPO, the Madrid System notably, and the examination of trademark applications at the national and international levels.

Capacity to act as a key account manager for the Madrid System potential and major filers in the Republic of Korea.

Ability to explain the rules, regulations and procedures governing the area of work.

Integrity in dealing with confidential and sensitive data.

Excellent knowledge of Korean and command of English.

5. Duration of contract and payment

The contract is expected for an initial period of five months, renewable based on needs and satisfactory performance. ย 

For the deliverables/services described in paragraph 2, above, the Organization shall pay the Contractor on a monthly basis an honorarium as specified in paragraph 5 of the Contract for a part-time work arrangement.

The Contractor is expected to carry out missions across the country. Travel expenses related to any authorized missions in the Republic of Korea from the place of assignment will be covered by WIPO.

Applicants are requested to provide an indication of their remuneration expectations in Swiss francs (daily rate).

This vacancy is archived.

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