Ethics and Compliance Senior Specialist

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  • Added Date: Tuesday, 07 June 2022
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Grade: IS - 5

Deadline: 23 June 2022 (11:59 PM KST)

Location: Songdo, Incheon, South Korea

Job Category: International

Salary: USD 128,600 net (plus attractive benefits, that include the following allowances (as appliable): Relocation, dependency, education assistance and home country travel)

The mission of the Green Climate Fund is to assist developing countries to respond to climate change while bringing prosperity to their people. Established in 2010, the GCF invests in transformational climate projects in the developing world. The Fund makes an ambitious contribution to global climate action and channels significant financial resources into developing countries to help build low-emission and climate-resilient societies. It is country-driven and undertakes actions that reflect the circumstances of each country concerned and its national aspirations. The GCF is a key enabler of the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Since its establishment, the GCF has approved 192 projects in 123 countries and has committed USD 10.1 billion in climate finance. In addition, it has built up an extensive program to support developing countries to identify their needs, in particular, those who are most vulnerable to climate change impacts. The GCFโ€™s diverse workforce is advancing its mission from its headquarters in South Korea. Our talented staff makes unique contributions to the Fund, enriching the institution through their combined expertise and professional commitment.

Position Objective

The Ethics and Compliance Senior Specialist, reporting to the Head of Human Resources is responsible for developing and overseeing programs that reduce the risk of non-compliance or unethical activities/ behaviors in GCF. By doing so, the Specialist contributes to the consistent and sound application of the GCFโ€™s rules framework and assists the organization in maintaining the highest ethical standards. The Ethics and Compliance Senior Specialist should foster a workplace culture that upholds the values of the Organization, its ethical and functional integrity, respect for the dignity, diversity and rights of staff, in compliance with the GCF Code of Conduct and GCFโ€™s policies. He/She shall be guided by the principles of objectivity, accountability and confidentiality.

Duties and responsibilities


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