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Do you want to build a career that is truly worthwhile? Working at the World Bank Group (WBG) provides a unique opportunity for you to help our clients solve their greatest development challenges. The WBG is one of the largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. It is a unique, global partnership of five institutionsโ€”the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), and the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)โ€”dedicated to ending extreme poverty, increasing shared prosperity and promoting sustainable development. With 189 member countries and more than 160 offices worldwide, we work with public and private sector partners, investing in groundbreaking projects and using data, research, and technology to develop solutions to the most urgent global challenges. For more information, visit www.worldbank.org

The World Bank Group (WBG) Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) shares in the WBGโ€™s overall mission in alleviating poverty and achieving shared and sustainable prosperity in client countries. As part of the WBG, INT detects, prevents, and deters fraud and corruption in the use of the WBGโ€™s financial resources, to ensure that those resources are deployed effectively to benefit the poor people that they are intended to reach. In contributing to the WBGโ€™s overall mission, INT works closely with other stakeholders across the WBG to:

1. Detect, prevent, and deter fraud and corruption in WBG-supported projects and activities by:

โ€ข Professionally investigating allegations of fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion, or obstruction (the five WBG-sanctionable practices) in WBG-funded activities;
โ€ข Seeking WBG sanctions against firms and individuals that have engaged in sanctionable practice(s);
โ€ข Using information available to INT to contribute to the operational design and implementation of projects that reduce fraud and corruption risks;
โ€ข Working with operational colleagues and other oversight and control units to help prevent fraud and corruption in operations by distilling lessons learned from investigative findings, developing effective risk identification and management tools, preparing remedial recommendations at the project and institutional level to address integrity risks and issues identified through investigations, and by ensuring timely disclosure to the Board of risks identified through ongoing or recently completed investigations that are of relevance to new operations presented to the Board for approval;
โ€ข Conducting detailed fiduciary reviews of Bank-financed projects in collaboration with WBG operations using forensic methodology in order to detect indicators of fraud or corruption and address fraud and corruption risks as early as possible for effective project outcomes;
โ€ข Working with sanctioned entities through INTโ€™s integrity compliance office in supporting and monitoring their efforts to put in place appropriate integrity compliance programs in order to raise their integrity standards and reduce risks associated with their operations following their release from sanction.

2. Assist Client Countries in their fight against fraud and corruption by:

โ€ข Referring investigative findings to the investigative and enforcement authorities in Client Countries and working with authorities, as requested, to follow-up and take action;
โ€ข Supporting Client Country counterparts with their preventive and integrity risk mitigation efforts at project and policy levels;
โ€ข Contributing to client country capacity development in preventive and forensic techniques;
โ€ข Participating in multilateral efforts to mitigate the risks of fraud or corruption in development activities.
โ€ข Mining the lessons learned from investigations to deliver training and outreach programs and strengthen the WBGโ€™s internal controls environment.

Reducing fraud and corruption in WBG projects helps to ensure that WBG funds are used for their intended purposes: to alleviate poverty and to increase prosperity and stability in our borrowing countries. Working with partners in international development institutions, INTโ€™s principal goal is to measurably minimize the loss of development assistance funds to fraud and corruption and increase the effectiveness of the WBGโ€™s development work. To ensure its independence, INTโ€™s Vice President (VP) reports directly to the President of the WBG.

To increase its presence and impact in West Africa, INT is seeking an Investigator (Extended Term Consultant โ€“ ETC3 โ€“ the โ€œFellowโ€) for a Fellowship in Dakar/Senegal.ย  Candidates are expected to have a track record of objectivity, fairness and thoroughness and can adapt easily to a diverse and multi-cultural work. Candidates must be fluent in written and oral French and English.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Fellow will:

Contribute to the investigation of fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion and obstruction involving WBG operations in the Region under the supervision of INTโ€™s AFW/MNA Team Leader and the Manager of External Investigations, including by:

โ€ข Preparing, managing and delivering the highest quality case and related investigative work products in a thorough and timely manner.ย 
โ€ข Leading and assisting with pro-active case development, including in collaboration with World Bank operational colleagues, through site visits, witness and source interviews, as well as through the analysis of red flags, indicators, intelligence and data.
โ€ข Leading and conducting investigations, including by collecting testimonial, documentary, photographic and other visual and physical evidence through witness and subject interviews, company audits, site visits, database research, document analysis and integrity risk reviews in the Region.
โ€ข Joining INT investigative missions or lead investigative activities on the ground in the Region, including by collaborating with and advising mission teams and representing INT in hybrid interviews and audits.
โ€ข Maintaining case files electronically and in hard copy version; keeping track of case status; ensuring record keeping of all produced documents.
โ€ข Undertaking major and/or complex investigations and delivering related investigative work products with specific consideration to utilizing available resources.ย 
โ€ข Clearly and concisely preparing, presenting, discussing and defending findings, conclusions and recommendations at senior levels and producing clear, concise and compelling reports and briefs.
โ€ข Developing and managing investigative strategies to include evidence collection and managing investigative planning alone or on a team.
โ€ข Conducting complainant, witness and subject interviews and debriefings at high levels with a broad understanding of stakeholder implications.
โ€ข Developing stand-alone work plans and reviewing work plans of other team members; working as a sole contributor as well as part of a team; managing several different cases within an assigned portfolio at the same time; linking numerous information feeds into a cohesive summary for action/investigation; Using a variety of tools to seek information and assimilate the information quickly into a clear plan of action including identifying preventative measures.ย 
โ€ข Preparing work products for the World Bank Groupโ€™s sanction system, as well as memoranda for law enforcement referrals; Collaborating closely with INTโ€™s Litigation Unit in the preparation and litigation of sanctions cases in the World Bank Groupโ€™s sanctions system.
โ€ข Managing and delivering strategic, risk-based analysis of information in complex investigations.ย 
โ€ข Applying innovative approaches to unique problems or investigative circumstances.
โ€ข Using appropriate communication channels to advise Bank staff and external stakeholders on developments in INTโ€™s investigative activities. Leading and/or reviewing output of multi-disciplinary teams, ensuring timeliness and quality of output. Providing advice to INT on trends, new opportunities and preventative measures/themes.
โ€ข Remaining sensitive to the impact of the investigative process on stakeholders and the implications on WBG-supported operations or activities.ย 
โ€ข Collaborating closely with INTโ€™s Preventive Services Unit in performing outreach initiatives, including by scheduling and planning preventative and lessons learned training with regional operational staff and partners and contributing actively to the identification and mitigation of regional integrity risks on a proactive basis.
โ€ข Self-managing work program, with minimal supervision.
โ€ข Making decisions that are ethically based, transparent and have taken into account due process.
โ€ข Maintaining client relationships in the face of conflicting demands or directions and provide evidence-based advice and solutions based on sound analysis and knowledge.
โ€ข Performing any other tasks necessary for the successful operation of INT.


The Fellow is expected to deliver:

โ€ข Documentary, physical, photographic, testimonial and other evidence.
โ€ข Fact memos, Investigative Plans and other case-related documents.
โ€ข Interview plans and comprehensive Records of Interviews.
โ€ข Show Cause Letters, Final Investigation Reports, Case Closing Memos and other briefing materials.
โ€ข Contribute to the preparation of Statements of Accusations and Evidence, Settlement Agreements, Referral Reports, and Evidence Binders.
โ€ข The development of an INT outreach plan for the region, as well as training materials for internal and external stakeholders.

Selection Criteria

โ€ข Fluency in written and oral French and English.
โ€ข A graduate degree in the areas of law, criminal justice, criminology, business or public administration, or other relevant area.
โ€ข A minimum of eight years of relevant investigative, audit or related experience, including substantial on the ground investigative, audit or related experience in the Region.
โ€ข A minimum of eight years drafting work products, preferably in (i) investigations, audits or litigation; and/or (ii) operations and/or procurement.
โ€ข Demonstrated experience and skill with gathering, reviewing and analyzing investigative data, especially on the ground in the Region.
โ€ข Proficiency with MS Office software (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint).
โ€ข Proficiency with case management systems would be an advantage.
โ€ข Highest personal integrity with demonstrated ability to handle investigative matters in a discreet and strictly confidential manner.
โ€ข Willingness and flexibility to undertake mission travel in the Region, including in challenging environments.

INT is a diverse environment in which the major legal systems of the world are represented. The Fellow is expected to have a proven track record for being meticulously thorough, fair, and objective, and to be able to easily participate in an open exchange of ideas between attorneys from different legal systems and schools and work well in a diverse and multi-cultural environment.

Confidentiality and Document Security:

The Fellow is expected to maintain the highest level of confidentiality on all information to which s/he is exposed and will be required to sign an INT confidentiality agreement. In conducting these assigned tasks, the following specific conditions are applicable:

โ€ข The Fellow will not provide legal advice or make legal judgments in the course of his or her work (applicable only if consultant is being hired as a lawyer).
โ€ข All travel made on behalf of the World Bank Group will be consistent with Bank travel policies and guidelines, including costs and per diem.
โ€ข The Fellow will be made aware of and respect the Privileges and Immunities of the World Bank Group. Fellows abide by all relevant Bank group rules and respect member government laws at all times.
โ€ข Collected evidence, reports, witness statements, and other documents will be retained exclusively by INT. All such information, reports, witness statements, documents and electronic media referred to in the statement above shall be the exclusive property of INT.
โ€ข The Fellow is required to maintain the strictest degree of confidentiality on the information to which they will be exposed. The Fellow will be required to sign an INT-specific Confidentiality Agreement and adhere to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Any materials or information, whether written, audio-visual or oral must be provided exclusively to INT, and not be shared with anyone outside of this delivery channel.
โ€ข The Fellow shall manage information, reports, witness statements, documents and electronic media obtained, accessed or reviewed under this TOR in a secure manner and location. The privacy, safe keeping, security and integrity of those documents are matters of the highest importance and are matters for which the Fellow is responsible while the documents are either within or outside the INT offices.
โ€ข All work conducted will be kept strictly confidential and not released outside of INT. No statements will be made to the media regarding any matter associated with any engagement.

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We are proud to be an equal opportunity and inclusive employer with a dedicated and committed workforce, and do not discriminate based on gender, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.

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