Consultant - Learning Programme Evaluation

  • Added Date: Thursday, 11 August 2022
  • Deadline Date: Thursday, 25 August 2022
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Purpose of consultancy

To contribute to the development of a uniform method of assessing the impact of WHO Academy learning programmes on quality of care (QoC) delivery.

Background ย 

The WHO Academy is a priority special initiative of the WHO transformation agenda and supports accelerated learning and capacity building towards achievement of the 13th General Programme of Work targets. On 11 June 2019 the President of France and the Director-General of WHO signed a Declaration of Intent to establish the WHO Academy that will revolutionize lifelong learning in health.ย 

The Academy brings together adult learning science, behavioural science and cutting-edge learning technologies such as artificial intelligence and extended reality with WHOโ€™s norms, standards and evidence to deliver high impact accredited and tailored multilingual learning to meet diverse needs.ย 

The Academy is open to a wide range of multisectoral stakeholders that can influence health, including leaders, educators, researchers, health workers, WHO staff and the broader public. The overall goal is to support the learning and development needs of WHO staff and stakeholders to progress towards WHOโ€™s โ€œtriple billionโ€ goal: ensuring that by 2023, an additional 1 billion people benefit from universal health coverage; 1 billion more are afforded better protection in health emergencies, and 1 billion more enjoy improved health and wellbeing. ย More information about the Academy is available at


The evaluation approach will include practical elements and measures on quality of care and health services grounded in optimizing learner competencies and behaviour. The work will be guided by and inform the WHO Academy learning design, quality improvement cycle and quality management framework, with a view to improve delivery and impact of WHO Academy learning programmes. Further, this work will also inform stronger organizational alignment and narrative on quality improvement and broader quality of care evaluation approaches across WHO.ย 

Deliverable 1: Develop a Learning Programme Evaluation approachย 

Objective 1: Run a desk review of evaluation approaches.

  • Output 1.1: Conduct a global literature review on evaluation approaches related to the impact of adult-learning on quality of care. Capture the review in a report to be shared with WHO Academy leadership and WHO Quality of Care Unit.
  • Output 1.2: Conduct a focused scoping review of evaluation approaches related to the impact of adult learning on quality of care applied to 2 WHO programmes in different regions.
  • Output 1.3: Conduct key informant interviews with internal and external stakeholders on evaluation approaches related to adult/e-learning and its impact on quality of care. Deliver a relevant report with key findings.

    Objective 2: Coordinate technical meetings on Learning Evaluation.

This vacancy is archived.

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