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  • Added Date: Monday, 09 October 2023
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The Research & Evaluation (R&E) Department of FHI 360 Global Education, Employment and Engagement (G3E) Business Unit provides technical leadership and technical support in the design and implementation of monitoring, evaluation, and research activities across the technical areas and projects in G3E. The R&E Department works with G3E technical teams to develop and implement a robust research agenda that advances FHI 360โ€™s intellectual leadership in the field of international education and development, including early grade learning, post-primary education, youth and workforce development, civil society and peacebuilding. R&E fosters a continuous process of learning and evidence building across G3E with the goal of strengthening the technical quality of project implementation and improving project outcomes. It develops and maintains standards of quality for all aspects of research, monitoring, and evaluation, and ensures its own capability to uphold those standards.

The R&E Department also carries out independent research and evaluation projects in support of priority areas for the G3E research agenda, using its core operational funds and competitively won project contracts. As an integral part of G3E projects, the R&E Department supports strengthening the capacity of local and national counterparts in data use, data management, monitoring, and evaluation in the countries of G3E presence. Further, through its Education Policy and Data Center, the R&E Department maintains a public resource for international education data and research, and contributes to strengthening the use of data and evidence in educational development and policy making in education.

Anticipated Duration: Spring 2023: January to May

Hours: 20-40 Hours/week

Pay Rate: $18.00/hour (undergraduate) | $23.00/hour (masters)

Location: Remote, United States (preference given to candidates in ET and CT zones)

Anticipated Project(s) and Assignment Details:

The intern may contribute to various team or project activities under the direction of their supervisor in the following ways:

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