Project Coordinator: “Public Policy Advice for the Consolidation of Planning Instruments of Cartagena de Indias”

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 26 January 2022
  • Deadline Date: Saturday, 05 February 2022
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Result of Service

The consultancy consists of the following outputs being these non-limitative:
• Monthly activity reports
This deliverable must be presented in PDF and Word Format, up to 5 pages.

Work Location

Cartagena, Colombia

Expected duration

6 months contract

Duties and Responsibilities

a.) Information and validation:

• The consultant will be responsible for keeping the HUB Coordinator informed and having to obtain validation of his/her activities in the full project cycle.

b.) Development:

• Provide technical leadership and expertise advice.
• Manage and technically coordinate the different consultants, counterparts, and stakehold-ers to contribute to the successful completion of the project.
• Ensure compliance with the work plan within the established time frame, as well as the resulting products.
• Develop technical proposals, at expert level, for the elaboration of the different products of the Project.
• Coordinate the project work plan with the Municipality of Cartagena’s team.
• Follow up and monitor the development of the project as defined in the work plan agreed with the Municipality of Cartagena de Indias.
• Generate monthly progress reports of the consultant team.
• Attend the technical meetings necessary to comply with the objectives and scopes defined for the Project.
• Represent UN-Habitat when expressly delegated as required.
• Provide information to UN-Habitat with respect to any impact that may arise from the process of execution of the Project or consultancy.
• Participate in events or meetings proposed by UN-Habitat related to the Project.
• Periodic review of the progress and final documents of the different products delivered by the consultants.
• Development of a technical document containing an analysis of the existing land man-agement instruments in the POT, as well as guidelines for the inclusion of new manage-ment instruments.
• Systematization of the Document: Review and technical contributions to the Land-Use Plan (DTS, Agreement Project and Summary Document, as established in Decree 1077 of 2015) under the principles of the NUA, SDGs, and the Right to the City, based on the in-puts provided by the different consultants.
• Identification, technical and institutional articulation with relevant stakeholders for the process of updating of the Land-Use Management of Cartagena de Indias.
• Support in the collection of open data for the development of the digital tool that allows the monitoring and evaluation of the Land-Use Plan and to the Special Plan for the Man-agement and Protection of the Historic Centre.
• Review of the Public Space Policies and Plans of the city of Cartagena de Indias, in order to develop the Methodological document for the realization of the participation exercises-Block by Block Strategy- for the design and prospective of 5 public spaces in the District of Cartagena de Indias
• Lead the Block-by-Block workshops in the District of Cartagena de Indias, for the devel-opment of participative design of 5 public spaces defined by the Municipality jointly with UN-Habitat.
• Coordinate the systematization of the obtained results of the Block-by-Block workshops.
• Lead and support the development of the thematic forums organized by the Municipality of Cartagena, for the transmission of knowledge, good practices, and experiences at re-gional, national and international level.
• Provide inputs for the systematization of the processes carried out and the exchange of successful practices and experiences with other HUBs in the region, headquarters branch-es, counterparts and whoever the HUB Coordinator designates.
• Support other activities requested by mutual agreement with the UN-Habitat HUB Coor-dinator for the Andean countries, in the for the Andean countries, within the framework of the present consultancy and without detriment to the achievement of its responsibilities.

c.) Approval:

• The consultant will be responsible for supporting compliance with project approval pro-cesses, as well as monitoring the development and implementation of programs and pro-jects.

d.) Implementation:

• Attend the technical (virtual/in presence when required) meetings needed to meet the scopes and objectives defined for the consultancy.
• Provide inputs for the systematization of the processes carried out and exchange of practices and successful experiences with other HUBs in the region, with headquarters branches, counterparties and who appoints the UN-Habitat HUB Coordinator for Andean countries.
• Follow up on technical guidelines determined by the Project Coordinator and Coordinator HUB Andean Countries.
• Comply with the schedule of activities according to the guidelines of the HUB Coordinator.
• When it is necessary to provide accompaniment to the UN-Habitat Coordinator and/or team in the establishment of communication with counterparties and stakeholders.

e.) Knowledge Management:

• The consultant must know the processes, procedures, and standards of the organization, to ensure an adequate quality of the activities described above according to the standards of the organization.
• Propose formats and procedures that allow the efficient implementation of the Agency's projects.
• The consultant must know the file system of the projects and ensure their proper maintenance, accessibility for all officials and the proper updating.
• Design methodologies for the systematization of good practices and knowledge, related to the implementation of the projects and cooperation activities of the UN-Habitat Colombia Office.
• Support the formulation of substantive documents linked to the thematic lines of action of UN-Habitat Colombia.
• Prepare reports and other documents related to meetings, missions and activities developed by the NATIONAL UN-Habitat Office.
• The consultant will carry out research activities to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and best practices on the sustainable urban development issues set out in the Agency's mandate.
• Collect information on the urban status in the Andean Countries that serves as an input both for the identification of new project opportunities and for the implementation of the subscribed projects.
• Support monitoring of UN-Habitat's implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDP) Target 11 dealing with sustainable cities and communities.
• Identify strategic allies for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda in Andean countries.
• Manage knowledge networks for the dissemination of the methodologies and documents generated by the agency and for the construction with strategic allies of new knowledge on topics related to sustainable urban development.

f.) Others:

• Other activities requested and by mutual agreement with the HUB Coordinator of The Andean Countries of UN-Habitat, within the framework of this consultancy and without prejudice to the achievement of its responsibilities.
• The consultant will participate in work and follow-up meetings, both with other consultants, as well as with the Coordinator and team of the Andean Countries HUB of UN-Habitat and with the staff of the projects.
• The consultant shall be responsible for ensuring that all activities comply with the principles of United Nations integrity.

Qualifications/special skills

Licenses & Certificates: Good handling of technological tools, and commercial packages e.g., Microsoft Windows, Office and Internet. Managing ERP systems will increase the score.

Professionalism: Knowledge of concepts and approaches relevant to the development of the training strategy and the ability to carry out an independent analysis, identify problems, formulate op-tions, and reach conclusions and recommendations.

Responsibility: takes responsibility for all assigned activities and honours commitments; Delivers effective results within established time, cost and quality standards; operates in accordance with the organization's rules and regulations; supports subordinates, provides oversight and assumes respon-sibility for delegated tasks; takes personal responsibility for its own deficiencies and those of the unit of work, where appropriate.

Planning and organization: Ability to work under pressure, prioritize and carry out proper planning. Coordinate your own work plan, use time efficiently and apply common sense in the context of established deadlines.

Customer Orientation: considers all those who are served as "customers" and seeks to see things from their point of view; establishes and maintains productive partnerships with customers by gaining their trust and respect; identifies customer needs and combines them with the right solutions; monitors ongoing developments within and outside the customer environment to stay informed and anticipate issues; keeps customers informed of project progress or setbacks; complies with the schedule for the delivery of products or services to the customer.

Communication: Excellent oral and written communication skills, ability to articulate ideas in a clear and accurate way, including the ability to prepare and edit a series of written documents, reports, and summaries. Listen to others, correctly interpret others' messages, and respond appropriately; It asks questions to clarify and exhibits interest in two-way communication; Adapts language, tone, style, and formatting to the audience; It demonstrates openness in the exchange of infor-mation and keeps people informed.

Teamwork: Good interpersonal skills, ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships in a multicultural and multi-ethnic environment, with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

Document Management: During the development of the consultancy, it must be ensured that the information generated in the development of the objective of the contract is easily accessible by the team. For the above, the consultant or consultant must share the information in the office's online repository.
Organizational Learning: seeks feedback from other team members to learn and improve products and services.
Organizational Intelligence: The consultancy must take into account the documents or advances, which in terms of the subject matter of this contract already exist. To do this, the consultant or consultant must conduct a documentary review in order to ensure that the delivered products recognize previous experiences and value added is generated.
Technological Awareness: keeps his/herself updated on the available technology; understands the applicability and limitation of technology to the work of the office; actively seeks to apply the technology to appropriate tasks; Shows willingness to learn new technologies
Creativity: actively seeks to improve programs or services; offers new and different options to solve problems or meet needs; promotes and persuades others to consider new ideas; takes calculat-ed risks on new and unusual ideas; think "out of the box"; is interested in new ideas and new ways of doing things; is not bound by current thinking or traditional approaches.

Courses, training, security
• The consultant will be responsible for completing all courses or trainings indicated to him/her by UN-Habitat HUB Coordinator. It is mandatory to accredit during the first month of hiring, the UNDSS Basic Security in the Field (BSITF) security course and the I Know Gender: An Introduction to Gender Equality for UN WOMEN staff course.
• The consultant will be responsible for their security, so he/she should familiarize his/herself with United Nations security mechanisms in accordance with the Framework of Accountability for the United Nations Security Management System.
Academic Qualifications: Required:
Postgraduate degree in Land-Use Management, Urban Planning, Sustainable Development, Human Settlements, Public Policies, and/or Urban Management.
A first degree in areas related to Architecture, Urban Development, Development Planning, Engi-neering, Economics and/or related fields, or additional four (4) years of experience relevant to the position would be accepted in lieu of the postgraduate degree. Complementary studies related to Project Management and Planning Instruments will be highly valued.
Experience: Minimum six (6) years of work experience in projects related to human settlements, urban planning, territorial development, and planning instruments and programs; and four (4) year of specific experience in project management and coordination of multidisciplinary technical teams. Previous experience related to historic centres and/or Colombian urban planning instruments, as well as experi-ence in the United Nations System will increase the score.
Language: The language of the consultancy is Spanish and English, other official languages of the United Nations will increase score.

No Fee


This vacancy is archived.

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