Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - SAIC 2 (Safer and Inclusive Cities 2)

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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer โ€“ SAIC 2 (Safer and Inclusive Cities 2)

Functional Area (job family/role type)

Program Implementation and Quality


Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL)


Monitoring and Evaluation.

Reports to:

Project Manager โ€“ Safer and Inclusive Cities

Office location:


Travel required:


Geographical scope of role

Nairobi and Kisumu Urban informal settlements

Effective Date:

July 2022



Plan International Kenya Strategy statement

PlKโ€™s strategic goal in the next five years is to end teenage pregnancies and end all forms of sexual and gender-based violence against adolescent girls and young women. We aim to help create an enabling environment where girls and young women are safe, valued, equally cared for, and have equal opportunities. PIK will contribute to the global strategy by aiming to reach directly approximately 2.75 million (children, including girls and Young Women over the period of the strategy 2022-2026 and to reach additional beneficiaries through its interventions. The role provides strategic leadership in order to create real change for children, especially girls, against Plan Kenyaโ€™s strategic programme priorities.

The safe and inclusive cities 2 programme goal is to ensure that Adolescents and young people (age 15-24) living in 5 informal settlements in Nairobi and Kisumu, grow up in safe and resilient urban communities that respect their rights and offer equal opportunities for all regardless of gender The programme is funded by DANIDA starting 2022 and will be implemented in partnership with local civil society organisations to achieve the following outcomes 1) Young people have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effectively influence governance processes, coordination and decision making 2) Adolescents and young people realise their sexual and reproductive heath and rights, and are safe from SGBV 3) Young people are empowered through skills development and decent income opportunities 4) Civil society has strengthened its leadership, legitimacy, diversity, space, influence and collaboration.

The main purpose of this position is to oversee SAIC-2 MERL activities and specific data requirement for the project as well as tracking and reporting on outcomes and impact of the activities. The MERL Officer will be responsible for sharing and facilitate learnings across the programme including with DNO, other programme countries and with project partners.

management scope, reporting lines, key relationships.

Reports to: Project Manager โ€“ Safer and Inclusive Cities 2

Direct reports โ€“ None

Key relationships


Project team members to ensure synergy and integration of project interventions. County M&E department Technical advisors DNO programme and MERL focal points Urban program team members as appropriate to ensure synergy and integration of project interventions


Implementing partners and Stakeholders., Youth-led organizations/CBOs, Local authorities.

Level of contact with children

High level: Frequent interaction with adolescents and young people

Physical Environment

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