Legal Associate

  • Added Date: Thursday, 30 July 2020
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Supporting to individual cases:

ยท Provide front line counselling to PRL and PRS through face to face and telephone interviews, referring to UNRWAโ€™s Legal Aid Coordinator and/or to relevant partner organization where necessary, and following up on these;

ยท Identify and refer cases that need representation or can support test cases to the Legal Coordinator;

ยท Case manage PRS and PRL legal cases, including those requiring representation, and ensure adequate case closure in coordination with the relevant administrative authorities;

ยท Liaise with UNRWAโ€™s Protection and RSS teams to identify individual cases that need further support

Improving awareness of Palestinianโ€™s legal status in Lebanon:

ยท Be the UNRWA focal point for the dissemination of written or verbal information on UNRWAโ€™s legal response to issues faced by PRS and PRL

ยท Develop communications materials advising PRS and PRL of their rights and the services available to them

ยท Act as a focal point in the Beqaa area for legal awareness sessions and on the spot legal counseling

ยท Support youth to prepare for the job market

ยท Develop the capacity of UNRWA frontline staff, partner NGOs and popular committees through awareness raising and training to recognize and refer legal concerns facing PRS and PRL and provide advice where appropriate, including orientation to UNRWA legal services

ยท Provide regular written and verbal updates on key issues and concerns expressed by PRS and PRL to improve UNRWAโ€™s analysis, response and referral mechanisms;


ยท Coordinate and finalize reporting for the team as required;

ยท Ensure that payments are up to date;

This vacancy is archived.

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