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  • Added Date: Thursday, 06 February 2020
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 06 March 2020

ABA ROLI is implementing a project focused on strengthening criminal justice processes in Lebanon through judicial and prosecutorial training and enabling alternate dispositions. The two-year project will be implemented in partnership with the High Judicial Council (HJC). ABA ROLI will hold a number of training sessions for prosecutors and judges on specific crimes and on investigation and trial skills. Lebanese co-trainers (judges or prosecutors) will assist with material preparation and will lead sessions specific to the Lebanese criminal justice sector. International experts will provide substantive information based on best-practices and will model interactive teaching during the preparation and presentation of workshops.


The ABA seeks an international pro-bono legal specialist to oversee the implementation of a series of workshops on criminal investigation. Topics include evidence, expert reports and testimony, the role of prosecutors in investigation, cybercrime cases, terrorism cases, and money laundering cases. Experts will work with ABA ROLI field staff and ABA ROLI DC staff to develop training materials and curricula. Trainings will use interactive teaching methodologies and include the use of technical evidence and/or modern forensic techniques.

Workshop topics must address the following subtopics:

General Skills in Investigation and Evidence Analysis:

  • Role of the prosecutor/ investigative judge in interviewing and investigation

  • General principles of crime scene investigation and protection

  • Chain of custody

  • Collecting, analyzing and introducing forensic evidence

  • Selection of expert witnesses and utilizing in proceedings

  • Human rights based approach to criminal investigations and trials


  • Overview of cybercrime – crimes against computers and computer systems and the use of technology to commit crimes;

  • International instruments related to combating cybercrime;

  • Cybercrime and the Lebanese legal framework;

  • Rules related to obtaining and using electronic evidence;

  • Digital forensics: on-site identification, examination and preservation of electronic data during search warrant execution; laboratory examination of electronic devices and data; electronic data recovery;

  • International cooperation and mutual legal assistance in cybercrime cases;

  • Internet freedoms and cybercrime.

    Money Laundering:

  • Overview of money laundering - stages of the money laundering process; methods of money laundering;

  • Identifying and tracing illicit flows of money and other assets;

  • International standards and conventions pertaining to money laundering;

  • Lebanese legal and institutional framework to combat money laundering;

  • Identifying which anti-money laundering regulations are violated by particular schemes;

  • Case selection for enforcement;

  • Financial institution prosecution;

  • Asset tracing incl. the use of technology in tracing stolen assets;

  • Criminal and civil sanctions, including asset forfeiture;

  • International mutual legal assistance in money laundering cases.


Note: Terrorism investigations potentially encompass all of the above topics. Below are some additional materials that may be covered in investigating and analysing terrorist cases.

  • Overview of how terrorist networks operate;

  • Lebanese laws and procedures defining and governing terrorism-related crimes, money laundering and terrorist financing;

  • Guidelines for pre-trial scrutiny of potential terrorism offences to determine whether a suspect should be charged with terrorism or an ordinary offense;

  • Witness protection in terrorism trials;

  • Interception and surveillance in terrorist related investigations: techniques and Lebanese legal framework;

  • Investigating and prosecuting terrorist financing cases;

  • Adherence to ethics, due process and fair trials in terrorism cases;

  • International cooperation in terrorism investigations.


  • Work with field and DC-based ABA ROLI staff to develop materials and implement workshops for Lebanese Judges and Prosecutors;

  • Facilitate discussions with program stakeholders including high-level judges, prosecutors and investigators;

  • Conduct workshop using interactive teaching methodologies;

  • Develop reference materials comprised of international treaties and standards and Lebanese law;

  • Guide discussions on international best practices;

  • Formulate exercises based on Lebanese law and utilize real life case scenarios from Lebanon.


  • JD/LLM or foreign equivalent required;

  • Ten years of experience related to criminal justice as a prosecutor or criminal investigator;

  • Experience as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, or judge;

  • Extensive knowledge of the criminal justice process from intake to post-trial sentencing;

  • Experience coordinating trainings capacity-building activities for senior justice sector actors;

  • Working knowledge of MENA region and/or experience working in politically sensitive contexts is highly desirable;

  • Teaching or training experience using interactive teaching methodologies;

  • Knowledge of comparative and international laws and practices related to criminal investigation;

  • Fluency in English (knowledge of Arabic or French is a plus); and

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

This legal specialist position is on a pro-bono basis. A support package is provided which covers all travel costs and business expenses.

Please submit a CV and cover letter to:

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