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7 Steps to get a job in the United Nations

Work Location : Afghanistan - Kabul Type of Post : Not Applicable Other Possible Location : Funding : APPROVED Expected Travel : up to 50% Type of Contract : Language Requirement : English Application Deadline : Employee Duration : Active Full-Time


1. Strategy and Leadership

Lead on Humanitarian strategy development for the crisis, ensuring engagement of relevant CARE stakeholders in Humanitarian Response. Provide overall leadership of CAREโ€™s humanitarian and early recovery program in Afghanistan. Develop a culture of preparedness and innovation, to be ready for new crises and also proactive in solving ongoing challenge. Position CARE as a leading agency amongst the donor and INGO response community. Provide overall leadership in ensuring humanitarian programs are delivered in a way that is conflict sensitive and adheres to do-no-harm approaches, with strong and efficient in-country humanitarian team in place. Ensure second line of leadership along with strong humanitarian system in place.

2. External Relations, Communication, Coordination, Policy and Advocacy

Play a lead role in coordination forums, working groups, clusters and represent CARE Afghanistan Humanitarian response at highest level nationally and globally. Build capacity of other staff to engage at technical levels in such avenues. Manage the complex humanitarian donor portfolio, pro-actively engage with stakeholders on new funding in coordination. Develop and execute a humanitarian advocacy strategy for CARE Afghanistan in coordination with the regional advocacy coordinator. Engage on communications and advocacy issues related to the delivery of the humanitarian response in Afghanistan with global and national teams, establish strong policy position on sectors of the response. Ensure that CARE International Members are provided with regular updates and are aware of humanitarian developments and CAREโ€™s response to them. Coordinate the development of all project implementation plans and budgets within the framework of the agreed emergency response programme and strategy.

3. Partnerships, Innovation and Fundraising for Humanitarian Response

Oversee development of funding applications and work with CARE Asia Regional Management Unit, HQ, CARE Members Partners to grow the humanitarian response portfolio. Lead on development of fundraising initiatives and strategy and approaching/ negotiating with current, new donors, UN and OCHA, institutional, Foundations and public funding. Review and Improve modalities of implementation, to determine best balance of direct vs partner models. Improve partnership model overall, to increase mutual benefit for and through partnerships. Develop and strengthen humanitarian partnership platform bringing in different complementary actors together for rapid humanitarian response and strategic engagement.

4. Team Management

Build team cohesion with shared vision and build strategic plan to strengthen in-country humanitarian capacity with second line of leadership in place. Enhance the humanitarian mind-set and delivery of humanitarian response and establish a good, practical culture of management support. Oversee productive and efficient engagement between the humanitarian response team and all other CARE teams. Encourage confident and independent responsibility of major teams. Lead on establishing culture in line with our values.

5. Humanitarian Program implementation, Risk Management and Compliance

Work closely with senior Programme Support functions to develop an efficient system, that seeks to improve humanitarian program effectiveness and overall compliance. Oversee management and implementation of humanitarian programs/projects to ensure technical quality and scalability. Coordinate with Program Leads and Finance/Grants unit, ensures that humanitarian program implementation progresses in accordance with grant agreements. Ensuring good budgeting and budget tracking processes for timely and effective fund management. Establish culture and systems for excellent reporting to CARE, donors and government. Establish and monitor good interaction between all Afghanistan Units - Programme, PS and Provincial teams. Promote a solid understanding and application of GEDI and PSHEA principles amongst team and NGO partners. Ensure all staff and partners understand safety and security, risk management and compliance.


Post Graduate/ Master Degree in development, Social Sciences or any related field diploma, certificate course related to Humanitarian prgramming, humanitarian architecture and best practices, international humanitarian law, Disaster Preparedness, SPHERE standards, CASH and voucher 10 yearโ€™s development/ humanitarian management experience in complex environments. Experience in leading a multi-disciplinary team; strong understanding of the humanitarian emergency operating context, including Sphere, the humanitarian system, donors, security, civil military liaison and program management; High level of expertise in representation and negotiation with high level governments, donors and UN, Cluster, OCHA and IASC networks; Experienced in Contingency planning and Disaster Preparedness; Media and PR experience to position CARE strongly in various fora.

There are individuals who may use CAREโ€™s name and trademark in emails and on websites in an attempt to solicit fees from interested job-seekers. Some examples of these fees are placement fees or immigration processing fees. CARE does not use recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates an up-front fee of any kind. Occasionally, CARE does employ recruiting or placement agencies to help us identify candidates for specific employment within CARE. If youโ€™re contacted by a legitimate recruiting or placement agency, there should be no charge to you. If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud from someone purporting to be CARE, please contact us at

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