Flying Emergency Coordinator

  • Added Date: Monday, 02 March 2020
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 31 July 2020

Action Against Hunger is an international non-governmental, private, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit organization created in 1979. Its goal is to combat hunger and dangerous situations that threaten men, women and children. Currently 500 expats and more than 5,000 employees are working for Action Against Hunger in more than forty-six countries working in projects concerning four areas of focus: nutrition, health, food security and water and sanitation.



Improve access in conflict-affected countries to allow adequate provision of services to beneficiaries through proper management and risk control.
Provide effective interventions, fostering adaptation to local context and in line with the international strategy.
Long-lasting and effective solutions to the fight against hunger.


Emergency response in slow and rapid onset situations.
Support the design of Emergency response proposals for national, international, public and private donors.
Disaster Preparedness (design and implementation of preparedness & response plans).
Analysis and search of interventions in new countries and contexts.
Tool and technical development and training for Emergency response.
Technical support to country offices according to specific and ad-hoc Terms of Reference.

Key activities in your role will include


Reporting to the Deputy Head of Emergency Pool, to the Country Director, Deputy Country Director and/or to the Geographical Desk, the Flying Emergency Coordinator will be required for frequent missions’ deployments and fill-in a specific key position within mission’s organigram.

He/She will operate as Field Coordinator/Head of Base, Program/Project Manager, being responsible for the quality and effectiveness of Acción Contra el Hambre’s missions’ programs. In case of Emergency response, the expert will act as Emergency Coordinator in the overall management, including design, programming, operations, security, and stakeholder relations.

According to the candidate’s profile and experience he/she could potentially cover managerial higher level, if validated accordingly to the line management and in agreement with the Geographical Desk Officer and Country Director.

In case of Gap Filling, the expert will need to quickly cover a key emergency-related vacant position – upon specific job description – and ensure that key action points are managed until longer term profile has been identified.

He/She will be responsible and accountable for developing, coordinating and managing all emergency response activities, mission’s emergency donor portfolio and budgets as well as ¨emergency response¨ staff development.

When based in Madrid, the expert will participate in the lessons learnt exercises and capitalization documents, providing expertise and contributions with a field point of view. He/she will also contribute to the management of the AECID-funded Emergency Program and its activities at HQ level.



Tasks: exploratory missions, rapid assessments, emergency response design and planning)

In coordination with Geographical Desk Officer, Country Director, Technical Coordinators and program staff, he/she is responsible to ensure that the exploratory missions and emergency assessments are carried out and well-coordinated, giving an integrated emergency response and developing implementation and exit strategies.
Ensure that Madrid HQ is provided with regular sitreps and is aware of humanitarian developments and Acción Contra El Hambre’s response.
Coordinate the development of all project implementation plans and budgets within the framework of the mission’s emergency response program and strategy.
Assist and advise the Country Director in order to ensure donor funding for emergency projects.
Oversee project design and proposal preparations for institutional and public funding.
Maintain ongoing surveillance of the developing humanitarian emergency and plan activities accordingly.


Task: Response Implementation

Program direction, supervision and coordination.
Lead and validate the selection of beneficiaries of the project according to humanitarian standards. Roll Out the targeting activities and questionnaires along with the involved teams and departments (TECH, M&E, etc.).
Responsible for ensuring good quality of the response or program implementation through the sound development of a monitoring plan for the activities.
Ensure that different sectorial activities are implemented in a coordinated and integrated manner, reporting monthly activities and preparing internal (APR) and donor regular reports on the on-going projects.
Supervision of administrative procedures, accountancy, logistic implementation and security management in coordination with the appropriate Coordination level.
Task: Response Plan Capitalization & Development

Capitalize all the project experiences and lessons learnt by producing at least 1 best practice experience from the project.
Assess the pertinence and feasibility of other interventions in the area, in coordination with the Mission Management team and in discussions with various stakeholders in the local humanitarian context and other relevant actors (beneficiaries, authorities, CBOs, etc.).


Tasks: General Team and HR Management and Leadership at Emergency Response level

Ensure, in close coordination with the HR Coordinator (or equivalent), the establishment, application and maintenance of Acción Contra El Hambre’s HR management systems for all emergency response staff.
Apply data protection guidelines and protect every staff’s privacy and confidentiality.
Ensure all incoming staff are fully briefed on all aspects of security, social and cultural norms and local conditions and behavior.
Ensure all personnel understand and carry out their duties in accordance with humanitarian principles, core values, ethical standards and the Code of Conduct.
Create the conditions to ensure effective teamwork and morale. Ensure staff wellbeing is addressed.
Conduct performance appraisals of staff if and as required, ensure regular feedback and mentoring on individual performance.
Promote a productive work environment respectful of the Code of Conduct with zero tolerance for verbal and physical abuse or discrimination against other persons on the grounds of race, color, sex or religion.
Tasks: internal and external leadership and coordination at Emergency Response level

Ensure the Country Coordination Team is informed about assessment progress, emergency response implementation and strategies, project plans, progress reports, and other significant developments.
Establish and maintain constructive working relationships with other NGO’s, UN agencies, host government, bilateral and multilateral donors, and other principle stakeholders.


Tasks: Security Management, Financial Management and Planning

Ensure that program support functions are established and maintained in accordance with Acción Contra El Hambre policies and procedures.
Ensure compliance with all host country legal, contractual, labor and statutory requirements. Ensure with the Logistics Coordinator the timely and appropriate establishment of all logistics infrastructure (warehousing / transport / distribution) and associated operating / management /monitoring systems.
Liaise with the Acción Contra El Hambre Logistics Coordinator and HQ Security Officer to ensure compliance with Security Guidelines and their effective application in the mission’s context.
Monitor the operational environment with respect to increased level of threat and advice the CD, LogCo, Head of Emergency Pool and HQ Security Officer.
Ensure with the Finance/Admin Coordinator the establishment and maintenance financial management and accounting systems for all emergency response activities and assets.


Tasks: Fill-in for Mid-level Managerial Positions and Emergency Advice Support to the missions

Represent, in his/her area of responsibility, Acción Contra El Hambre’s and to oversee all activities, staff and assets according to the Terms of Reference for the Gap-Filling.
Improve the relevance and impact of Acción Contra El Hambre’s programming based on
the mandate and country strategy.
The Country Director will delegate all relevant responsibility to the Emergency Coordinator according to his/her ToR for the gap-filling who will report back on a regular basis.
Update, follow-up and ensure compliance with every Acción Contra El Hambre’s procedure with the support of mission and Headquarters.
Make sure and coordinate towards the respect and coherence management of Acción Contra El Hambre’s procedures by every department.


Tasks: Lessons Learnt and Emergency pool/Operations’ tools development

When not deployed to a mission, the expert will be part of the emergency pool in Madrid and will participate to specific tasks that will improve the positioning and management of the emergency pool or participate to transversal tasks at Department level, such as: lessons learnt and capitalization based on the deployments to emergency response.
Review past humanitarian crisis and trends for the future periods.
Improvement of the existing tools for emergency response.
Participation to the analysis of potential donors, proposal writing and humanitarian crisis positioning.
Contribute towards strategic Advocacy to achieve Emergency Pool’s or mission’s goal, integrated in operational and technical priorities.
Tasks: Lessons Learnt and Emergency pool/Operations’ tools development

Participate to the functional objectives of the Operation Department and support improvement of tools for field implementation.
Contribute to the development of cross-cutting strategic issues for the department that may be prioritized and assigned accordingly.
Tasks: Monitoring, Preparedness and Emergency Program Management

Carry out context monitoring, early warning follow-up and disaster categorization reports according the needs of the Emergency Pool and whenever delegated or assigned by the Head or Deputy Head of the Emergency Pool.
Review, contribute, advice, translate and general follow-up of Emergency Response proposals (activations) under the AECID funded Emergency Program.
Contribute, when requested or assigned, with general management tasks (reports, communications, etc.) related to the AECID funded Emergency Program.

Do you meet the profile required criteria?

*Technical knowledge preferably related to the field of humanitarian or management fields. It is essential a valid HEAT training or similar.
*Strong understanding of the humanitarian emergency operational context, including Sphere, the humanitarian system, donors, security, civil military liaison and program management.
*High level managerial experience, including managing multi-million-dollar budgets and inter-agency coordination with local authorities, non-state actors and donors (minimum: FieldCo or Head of Base level).
*Experience in Emergency Response and in complex decision making and leading a multi-disciplinary, multinational team in high volatile contexts and under strict security constraints.
*Minimum 3 years of previous experience in similar positions or at least mid-level operational management and coordination (FieldCo, Head of Base and above).
*Experience in Program approach and design, PCM, proposal and consortium building, budgeting and reports to donors and other stakeholders.
*Experience in managing Field Operations and Project Implementation at field level, working in a volatile environment and tight security constraints.
*HR management, conflict resolution and problem-solving experience.
*Desirable mixed field and HQ level experience (flying, roving positions).
*Languages: Spanish, English and French mandatory. Arabic is an asset.
*IT systems: Computer (office), data management (ODK, KOBO), data analysis (SPSS, PowerBI) and internet use skills.
*International mobility: pp to 70% time in the field (field deployment length: 2 to 3 months) – 30% time in HQ. 24h notice in case of sudden emergencies, according to prioritization set up by the emergency pool.

*Contract: 2 years.

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