Evaluation Consultant (SDG15)

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 16 August 2022
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 30 August 2022
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Organizational Setting

The evaluation is part of the Indicative Rolling work plan for evaluations endorsed by the FAO Programme Committee at its 132nd session. In accordance with the workplan, the evaluation of FAOโ€™s support to life on land (SDG 15), is to be presented to the Programme Committee at its Spring session in 2023. The main purpose of this evaluation is to provide FAO management and governing bodies with an objective assessment of the contributions made by FAO towards achieving the SDG15.ย  The evaluation analysis will include country-based studies to be performed by local evaluation consultants. The FAO Office of Evaluation (OED) will identify suitable evaluation consultants with the support of FAO country representation offices in selected countries.



Reporting Lines

The evaluation consultant would perform his/her duties under the direct supervision of the Evaluation Manager and the Senior Evaluation Officer of the FAO Office of Evaluation.


Technical Focus

The overall objective of the evaluation of FAOโ€™s contributions towards SDG15 is to assess the extent to which FAO is adopting a coherent, transformative and collaborative approach in support of SDG2. This would include:ย ย 

This vacancy is archived.

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