Environmental Governance Specialist

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Environmental Governance Specialist

SIBOL is a $25.2 million, 5-year project that aims to improve the way that natural resources and the areas from which these are derived are governed and address the drivers of natural resources insecurity by addressing both the supply of and demand for natural resources. The Activity is expected to help reduce environmental crimes and unsustainable environmental practices, sustainably manage the natural resources sector, and improve the governance of natural resources in the country.

The Environmental Governance Specialist will have responsibility for management and coordination of activities pertaining to the improvement and/or strengthening of natural resource governance (including policies, institutions, sector and collaborative programs, processes, and practices) based on sound technical, socio-economic, and political economy analyses and feedbacks and recommendations from stakeholders and target users. He/she will support SIBOLโ€™s three strategic approaches (SAs) to ensure that objectives are met and that the technical approach for improving NR governance is integrated, effective, and well-monitored at the national and local levels.

The Environmental Governance Specialist is must have adequate understanding of the governance of natural resources in the Philippines, especially those that are relevant in protected areas, forestlands, ancestral domains, coastal and marine areas, municipal waters, wildlife, and habitats at the national and local levels. He/she must demonstrate familiarity on key legislated and administrative policies that impinge on the sustainable management of natural resources.

The Environmental Governance Specialist will report directly to the COP and will collaborate with SIBOL SA teams, site teams, and teams leading cross-cutting activities such as gender, youth, equity, and social inclusion (GYESI) and communication, to ensure that research on the natural resource base, natural capital accounting, stakeholder engagement, and policy design all contribute to SIBOLโ€™s overall governance strengthening approach and objectives. He/she will also lead engagement with key government counterparts to analyze and identify opportunities for SIBOLโ€™s strategic interventions for improving natural resource governance systems.

Essential duties will include:

  • Overall responsibility for the design, direction, and implementation of the natural resource governance capacity building component and program activities
  • Coordinate with other USG assisted programs to find areas of complementarity
  • Lead SIBOL PEA activities at both national and local levels
  • Provide technical assistance to inter-agency policy coordination at national and site levels
  • Provide technical assistance in the strengthening and integration of local resource management plans with local land use zoning and development plans
  • Work closely with the Media Engagement and Communications Manager and Field Team Leads in engaging civil society, communities and other stakeholders to participate actively in governance of natural resources
  • Work closely with the technical team particularly the Ecosystems Integration Specialist and contribute to the development of national standards for more effective planning and integration of innovative tools into protected areas
  • Design and deliver training to local government officials and other relevant stakeholders
  • Provide written and verbal reports on program activities as needed
  • Work closely with external governance stakeholders, including DENR, BFAR, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, and CSOs
  • Attend meetings and represent the project on technical issues to implementing partners, development partners, and stakeholders
  • Supervision of policy and governance associate
  • Other duties as assigned


    • Bachelorโ€™s degree and 16 years or MA degree and yearsโ€™ experience especially those with formal and informal training on forest management and restoration and NRM-related work on reducing GHG emissions from forests and agriculture land uses
    • Degree in Political Science, Public Administration, International Relations, Development Studies, Natural Resources Management, or related fields
    • Experience in the Philippines
    • Excellent technical, managerial, and inter-personal skills
    • Excellent communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills
    • Fluency in English

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