Deputy Director, Development Policy and Finance

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  • Added Date: Thursday, 04 August 2022
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Application Deadline: September 4 EOD\u00a0

The Foundation\u00a0

We are the largest nonprofit fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world. Founded on a simple premise: that people everywhere, regardless of identity or circumstances, should have the chance to live healthy, productive lives. By building a global and cultural workplace that supports greater diversity, equity, and inclusion \u2014 of voices, ideas, and approaches \u2014 together with our employees and partners, we can help all people improve their lives from poverty and health to education. As an organization we offer hybrid work arrangements, generous PTO, 15% contribution to your retirement fund, a diverse and inclusive workplace backed by 11 Employee Resource Groups and embed DEI in everything we do!\u00a0


The Team\u00a0

\u202fThe mission of the Global Policy & Advocacy (GPA) division is to understand and shape the public policy debates affecting the foundation's work, build support for its major program and policy objectives, and develop partnerships and alliances that can advance the foundation's objectives nationally and globally. Because the foundation's resources alone are not enough to solve the challenges ahead, GPA also supports advocacy efforts to engage diverse stakeholders and promote innovative solutions that advance our program goals.\u202f We work in close partnership with grantees, our colleagues in the Global Health, Global Development, Global Growth & Opportunity, U.S. and Gender Equality programs and Foundation Communications to build the environment in which all people have the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives.\u202f\u00a0


The Development Policy & Finance (DPAF) team is the foundation\u2019s development economics team, accountable for ensuring GPA\u2019s work \u2013 and by extension the foundation\u2019s work \u2013 is informed by strong economic analysis and viewpoints, resonant with economic trends, and connected with key economic decision-makers. This is not a research team but a group of advisory economists and development finance experts accountable for using economic analysis and perspectives to strengthen foundation policy and advocacy strategies, and for growing the community of economic policymakers engaged in foundation issues such as global health, human capital and gender equity.\u00a0\u00a0


Your Role\u00a0

The DPAF Deputy Director will join the DPAF leadership team, providing a mix of analytic and advisory services, grantmaking, and partnership development within the Global Financial Architecture and across International Financial Institutions (IFIs).\u00a0

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