Volunteer in Data Analysis in Tunisia

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 26 February 2020
  • Deadline Date: Saturday, 07 March 2020


-Getting familiar with WeWorld-GVC Community Protection Approach (CPA) and the implementation in the missions;

-Carefully study the guidelines and tools of the CPA;

-Support in developing documentation and guidelines for WeWorld-GVC missions, guided by the WeWorld-GVC Innovation Unit members;

-Key stakeholders research: Contact and coordinate with key staff in the different WeWorld-GVC missions to collect documentation, feedbacks and evidences informing the elaboration of a CPA strategy;

-Elaboration of additional research based on the results of meetings and discussions with WeWorld-GVC Innovation Unit;

-Work closely with the Data Analysis and Research Officers in support to the elaboration of tools for Community Protection Approach, the Individual Protection Approach and Integrated Protection System of Indicators;

-On spot visits to check data collection and field presence, when necessary, to insure that the data analysis reflects the real situation in the affected communities;

-Analyse and insure that WEWORLD-GVC field team employ standard and methodologically relevant data collection techniques;

-Insure the proper systematization of tools and all relevant documentation of for easy access to the Mission and the Innovation Unit staff;

-Data mining, cleaning and munging of the Integrated Protection System of Indicators (IPSI) and upon Data Analysis and Research Specialist requests and guidance;

-Support the Data Analysis and Research Specialist in elaborating analysis, ensuring the proper data filling;

-Support to design and develop quantitative and qualitative analysis tools and systems to streamline the calculation of trends and time analyses;

-Constantly triangulate data within the IPSI by maintaining contact with field staff as agreed with the Data Analysis and Research Specialist and the IMC;

-Data Analysis support to the Information Management Department.

-Provide data analysis support in the design and development of new initiatives and proposals;

-Support the Data Analysis and Research Specialist in the elaboration of reports, outputs of analysis, infographics, trend analyses and any other relevant output;

-Prepare lesson learned and share it with team in short trainings and/or briefings in order to improve data collection and first drafting of analysis by field staff;

-Elaborate training material, manuals and other documentation to support the capacity building and mentoring of We World-GVC staff in different missions.

-Promote local volunteerism in disaster risk reduction, prevention and response;

-Train local volunteers on organization and implementation of volunteer-based activities, when applicable;

-Promote partnerships and collaboration between local and European organizations;

-Draft and publish articles describing volunteer's experience in the field;

-Gather audiovisual materials to be used in a public awareness activity in the volunteer's local community in Europe;

-In coordination with the NGOs partner of the project, organize and execute a public awareness activity once back in Europe;

-The EU Aid Volunteer shall perform other duties, as required.


-University Degree in Information Technology or Statistics, and a background in social and human sciences (alternative experience may be considered);

Or University degree (BA) in Social Sciences, Political Science or International Relations;

-Desirable humanitarian/development project cycle management knowledge;


Fluent in English;

French is an asset.


-Proven analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate information with attention to details and accuracy;

-Excellent computer skills;

-Stress management;


-Team working;

-Intercultural awareness and respectful attitude towards other customs and traditions;

-Good interpersonal, team working skills and ability to work independently;

-Good ability to adapt to the situation of instability;


-Knowledge and experience with major software and automated systems for qualitative analysis; experience in drafting analytics and outreach reports for public and key stakeholders;


-Previous experience in research and data analysis is a must (at least 2 years);

-Fluent in the usage of statistical software’s such as STATA, SPSS, R. Knowledge of R, SQL, Python and other programing languages is an asset;

-Knowledge of Qualitative data analysis is an asset;

-Good general knowledge of the full Office suite;

-Previous experience in developing countries is preferred;

-Prior volunteer experience is an asset.


The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State, and must have a minimum age of 18 years.

Availability for the following activities: • Training in presence in April/May 2020; • Pre-deployment induction in WE WORLD-GVC HQ, in Bologna in the second half of May or June 2020; • Deployment starting from the date specified in the vacancy.


01/07/2020 - 30/06/2021


Hosting Organization:

· The Hosting Organization for the present deployment is GVC Tunisia;

Length of Deployment:

· 12 months;

Deployment duty station:

· Tunis, Tunisia.

Conditions of service during deployment: · A monthly Subsistence Lump Sum (259,74) Euro per month) intends to cover basic needs and local transport. · In addition, for each month of deployment 100 euro of post deployment resettlement allowance are foreseen. · Accommodation, Visa fees, insurance and airfares will be covered directly by sending and/or hosting organization. · The working calendar will be corresponding to the agenda and system established in the field. · For each month of voluntary activity two days of rest are foreseen, in addition to public holidays. It is highly recommended not to use the rest days during the first and the last month of deployment.

Conditions related to in-presence training: · If a candidate volunteer is working outside of the EU, travel costs will be fully covered if EU citizens legally reside in a non-EU country for long-term or forever (i.e. who live in that country); · EU citizens who are on a temporary assignment in a third country that lasts more than 18 months; On the contrary, only travel costs from an EU country to the training venue shall be covered if: · EU citizens on a temporary assignment in a third country that lasts less than 18 months; · EU citizens selected by the same organization or affiliate with which they have an on-going assignment in the third country if this assignment is longer than 18 months; Please note that more than one candidate per position will attend the training, to create an additional pool to cover drop-outs and unforeseen needs.

This vacancy is archived.

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