Technical Advisor, Pharmacoeconomics

  • Added Date: Thursday, 06 February 2020
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 06 March 2020


The overall objective of SAFEMed Technical Advisor position is to provide technical support to identify, propose, provide financial modeling, and develop pricing policies for the medicines used in guaranteed benefit package, centralized procurement programs, and national drugs list, under guidance and
oversight of SAFEMed Principal Technical Advisor.

Specific Responsibilities

Technical Analysis (65%)

  • Provide technical support to MOH in development of general pricing policy for National medicines list and its options financial modeling.
  • Provide technical support to NHSU on development of pricing policies, including state reimbursement program by developing options and financial modeling.
  • Provide technical support to CPA procurement methods financial modeling.
  • Develop additional pricing policies on MOH request, such as generic pricing policies, narcotics drug policy, innovative drugs policy, etc.
  • Develop financial evidence plan during establishing of the treatment transition procedures as well as development of Try/Fall therapy steps for reimbursement.

Communications and Meetings (20%)

  • Participate in forums, regional meetings, and roundtables to advocate pricing policies.
  • Facilitate communications and meetings with key stakeholders from the government, private sector, and civil society in Ukraine.
  • Coordinate and contribute to international and national pricing/reimbursement discussions and work organized or supported by SAFEMed, MOH, CPA and/or NHSU.
  • Summarize and document key findings as well as draw conclusions and recommendations from meetings and other professional discussions.

Technical Writing (15%)

  • Consolidate learnings into final English-language reports under guidance and oversight of the SAFEMed Principal Technical Advisor.
  • Work with the SAFEMed COP on presentation, narrative reports, technical briefs, and other materials.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Experience



  • University degree in finance, pharmacoeconomics, health economics, or medicines technology.


  • Postgraduate degree or candidate for a degree in pharmacoeconomics, health economics, or public health.



  • 6 years of professional experience in pharmaceutical finance with a Bachelor’s degree, or 4 years of experience with a Master’s degree.
  • Strong skills in pharmacoeconomics.
  • Solid understanding of pharmaceutical pricing best practices.
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian and international pharmaceutical market.
  • Solid understanding of Ukrainian health care system structure.


  • Private sector experience in pharmaceutical management.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Ability to analyze data, draw conclusions and summarize recommendations.
  • Fluency in both English and Russian/Ukrainian languages required (both written and spoken).
  • Well-developed written and oral communication skills, including presentations, meetings, and report writing.
  • Strong negotiation and analytical skills.
  • Strategic thinking and strong interpersonal skills, including cross-functional teamwork.
  • Superb analytical skills in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.


  • Functional competencies: Ability to gather and analyse information in order to address the tasks put by the Supervisor; Self-motivated and well organized with a strong ability to set priorities and meet deadlines. Understanding of ethical conflicts of interest aspects of work.
  • Ensuring delivery of results: functional/technical skills, client focus, information sharing, process management, priority setting, problem solving, and timely decision making.
  • Core personal competencies: ethics and values, integrity and trust, listening, written communication
  • Core MSH competencies: adaptability, communication, problem solving, creativity and innovation, timeliness of work, quality of work and team relationships, resource utilization.

Physical Demands:

  • Travel requirements: Availability to travel domestically and internationally as needed, estimated at a level of 10% of the time.
  • Physical requirements: Keyboard use, pulling drawers, lifting papers <10lbs.

This vacancy is archived.

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