Senior Advisor, Finance and Budgetary Control

  • Added Date: Thursday, 02 January 2020
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Key Tasks

  • In collaboration with the supervisor develop and periodically review the budget manual and ensure its implementation
  • Ensure that all the budgets are prepared in advance based on International Planned Parenthood Federation business cycle and the donors’ requirements
  • In collaboration with the Performance and Knowledge manager, ensure that all Africa Region Office (ARO) budgets are accurate and adequate to take into account the demands/objectives and activities of the programme/projects for an effective utilisation of the resources in order of increasing performance
  • Establish a system to promptly produce the budget codes and to monitor and evaluate the budget implementation and submit regular reports thereon
  • Ensure that the final budget is approved by Senior Management Team (SMT) and Central Office and/or any donor before its implementation
  • Ensure that signed funding agreements are received promptly for all restricted projects, approved appropriations are obtained when necessary and required budget codes are provided in the accounting system
  • Provide guidance and advice to budget holders to minimise the activities costs by forecasting the operations and outputs in an effective manner that will contribute to achieving significant results
  • In collaboration with the performance and knowledge manager, determine standard performance of the budget utilisation and ensure continuous comparison between the actual performance and the standard ones
  • Provide guidance and advice to SMT and budget holders to take corrective actions to address significant variances
  • Review periodically the budget and provide an update on the status of budget to the budget holders and the heads of departments for feedback and appropriate corrective actions
  • Strengthen the capacity of all ARO staff in budget management especially budget monitoring
  • Review donor contracts and proposals and report on the same to the Supervisor
  • Responsible for revenue forecasting and sales pipeline management
  • Undertake regular Member Association (MA) visits to understand MA results, budgeting and forecasting and controls reviews
  • Ensure in collaboration with Programme Advisers- Financial and Operational Management, that MAs’ account accurately for all core budget lines as per the allocated IPF and approved Annual Performs Budgets and report back to the Regional Office all budget balances for Regional decision
  • Review in collaboration with supervisor the procedures and regulations related to the procurement management for improvement
  • Manage the supply chain function at IPPF which includes procurement of goods, works and services
  • Responsible for managing all procurement contracts, coordinate and monitor the supply chain function to ensure compliance with procurement policies and practises and donor requirement.

This vacancy is archived.

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