Safeguarding Advisor-Maternity Cover

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 13 October 2020
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 23 October 2020


The Safeguarding Advisor reports to the Regional Director for matters related to the development and implementation of the annual regional work plan and the regional dimension of safeguarding. They have a dotted reporting line to:

1) the Head of Safeguarding for matters related to the implementation of the IPPF Safeguarding framework, giving safeguarding advice, and all technical aspects relating to safeguarding

2) The WISH Executive Director for matters related to fulfilling contractual safeguarding requirements under โ€œWomenโ€™s Integrated Sexual Healthโ€ (WISH) which is IPPFโ€™s new flagship health programme to transform the lives of millions of women and girls. Funded by DFID, WISH will provide integrated and holistic healthcare to 2.2m additional users across 16 countries in Africa and South Asia from 2018-2021.

This position will support the Head of Safeguarding with the development and delivery of the safeguarding framework across International Planned Parenthood Federation. They will also provide training, leadership and expert professional advice in safeguarding to their region to ensure that safeguarding is an integral part of all the work IPPF does in their regions.

As part of the advisorโ€™s responsibilities and role they will support the safeguarding requirements and roll out of the contractual safeguarding requirements of the 16-member associations, consortium partners and team who are part of the DFID WISH Lots 1 and 2 with reference to DFIDโ€™s code of conduct.


Describe the main activities undertaken by the job holder. The list need not be exhaustive, but should reflect the most important features of the job.

  1. Act as a key source of support, guidance and expertise on safeguarding in their regions.
  2. Support the continued development and implementation of the IPPF safeguarding framework and its review process within their region.
  3. Support and embed a culture of shared responsibility towards safeguarding IPPF beneficiaries, volunteers, trustees and staff from abuse, exploitation and harassment across their regions.
  4. Develop and lead on the delivery of their regionโ€™s annual safeguarding work plan.
  5. Co-manage their Regional Incident Reporting Unit with the relevant HR staff member and maintain oversight and scrutiny of the safeguarding and incident logs in their regions to ensure safeguarding and related risks are assessed, monitored and promptly reported and escalated in accordance with our policies and processes.
  6. Support where required the development of investigation Terms of Reference, giving special consideration to risk management and overcoming barriers to disclosure.
  7. Where required lead or coordinate safeguarding investigations, instructing internal or external investigators.
  8. Support the implementation, rollout and learning review of IPPF SafeReport, IPPFโ€™s external incident reporting service, in their region and gain feedback from Member Associations.
  9. Develop and maintain effective communication and working relationships with the Member Associations and partners in their regions to ensure safeguarding processes are being embedded effectively and that safeguarding is considered in context of overall approach to risk management and mitigation.
  10. Advise on and support the development and rollout of safeguarding training materials adapted for Member Associations. Where requested and resources are available, support the training roll out within Member Associations.
  11. Work together with the IPPF safeguarding team to share learning and develop a consistent approach to safeguarding across the Federation.
  12. Support Member Associations in the implementation of their policies and procedures, and meeting IPPF safeguarding standards
  13. Ensure their region is kept informed of any changes to legislation or guidance through keeping an up-to-date understanding of current agendas, priorities and policies.
  14. To ensure gender is effectively mainstreamed within the remit of the post and in line with IPPFโ€™s Gender Equality Policy.
  15. To build and maintain positive relationships with all members of staff, and contacts within and outside the Federation.
  16. To become familiar with the Federationโ€™s Health and Safety Programme and Guidelines for using Visual Display Units. To do everything possible to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, including following instructions and guidance.
  17. To undertake such other reasonable duties as may be requested from time to time.
  18. The candidate must demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to safeguarding in local and international context and demonstrate a willingness to sign and adhere to IPPFโ€™s Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Policies


โ€ข Be responsible for ensuring staff and volunteers (including trustees) in their region are appropriately trained and supported and have access to resources to ensure safeguarding issues are identified and actioned in accordance with our policies and processes.

b) Financial responsibilities carried out by the job holder.

โ€ข Not applicable

c) Advisory responsibilities carried out by the job holder.

โ€ข Be responsible for the continued review of their regionโ€™s safeguarding approaches, promoting person-centred safeguarding practices and ensuring continued compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

โ€ข Responsible for the reporting of safeguarding incidents within Member Associations contracted to DFID with reference to the DFID code of conduct and contractual requirements. Work together with the Executive Director of WISH2 and the Project Director of WISH1 to support the communication and resolution of safeguarding issues within the project that meet DFID standards and protocols.

This vacancy is archived.

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