Safe Spaces Assistant

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 30 September 2020
  • Deadline Date: Sunday, 04 October 2020

Job Opening โ€“ Safe Spaces Assistant โ€“ Arab Region Office

ActionAid Arab Region (AAAR) is looking for Safe Spaces Assistant who is responsible to Ground and organize the set-up of the women and girls safe spaces and ensure the effective safe space activities are in place and responding to the women needs.

Follow up and submit all doc report project need.

About ActionAid Arab Region

At ActionAid Arab Region we work with grass root organizations and civil society actors that have a strong focus on youth and women in local governance. ActionAid Arab Region (AAAR) knows that to create lasting change, the root causes of poverty and injustice must be addressed and that affected communities must become the drivers of the change they want to see. Read more at

Job Title: Safe Spaces Assistant

Contract Type : Maternity contact

Reports to: Protection and Campaigns coordinator

Direct Reports: Safe space volunteers

Monthly Gross Salary Range: (Based on qualifications & competencies)

Closing date: 4\OCT\2020


ยท Ensure Program operation in the targeted location is operationalized strategically as planned and agreed with line manager. Regular communication with line manager is a must.

ยท Directly supervise and mentor safe space volunteers and oversee the overall safe space activities implementation.

ยท In collaboration with Amman admin team, arrange all the logistics and admin issues that might arise inside the center.

ยท Ensure that effective monthly, quarterly and annual plans are in place for the Safe Space center; which is developed mutually with the women and girls, protection officers, and safe space volunteers.

ยท Ensure all safe spaces volunteers have individual files / folders at the center with their monthly / weekly plans including their monthly reports.

ยท Organize the activities inside the Women Safe space including preparing all the needed booking and logistics to ensure effective and smooth activities.

ยท Identify the outreach needs for the women safe space activities, and work closely with the volunteers and the women groups to target the most vulnerable women in their communities.

ยท Present AA's activities in local coordination mechanisms while ensuring that the direct manager is totally aware and involved.- coordination meeting in monthly bases.

ยท Work closely with the protection officer and senior PSS officer to identify women at risk of GBV that require further assistant and act upon that.

ยท Work closely with the team members to arrange the appointments and arrange the usage of the WGSS physical space.

ยท Participate in designing and decorating the WGSS center while ensuring it's compliance to the internal and international guidelines.

ยท In collaboration with the volunteers keep records and data base of the women and girls accessing the WGSS soft and hard copy.

ยท Supervise the volunteers to effectively run the Women Circles' meetings and follow-ups with WPAGโ€™s.

ยท Follow-up on the cleaning and maintenance of the safe space with logistics team.

ยท Prepare annual and monthly plan and weekly plan, including logistics and procurement plans.

ยท Prepare and submit regular reports as required from the line manager.

ยท Create strong network with the local actors in the field.

ยท Support in managing "Swap- a skill" platform with local women in collaboration and guidance from AA Economic Empowerment Specialist.

ยท Oversight of the "Swap a skill" volunteers as agreed with the Economic Empowerment Specialist,

ยท Mobilize women to participate in researches, FGD's, training needs assessment, and internal studies run by AA.

ยท In collaboration with the protection officer and the senior PSS officer, prepare and conduct community events to enhance social cohesion among local community including refugees and host communities.

ยท Ensure all programme information is transparent so all internal and external stakeholders possess mutual understanding.

ยท Ensure community consultation processes are held when required to smoothen the pathway for the programme locally.

ยท Follow up with our local partner โ€“ reactive all doc and report from them as monthly bases

ยท Provide technical guidance and support to safe space volunteers. Work closely with them in programme operation and plan outputs based on the context

ยท Track the progress of the programme and intervene when necessary to ensure speed and quality.

ยท Assure AA values, principles and HRBA is mainstreamed in the programme.

Provide required information to communication and other units of AA ARI as mutually agreed in advance.

ยท Ensure transparency boards are in place in all identified locations in the program targeted locations as agreed mutually in the team meeting.

ยท Ensure targeted local communities are informed in advance about AA ARI Program and their views and comments are engaged with appropriately

ยท Ensure Programme Brochures are made available for sharing and distribution locally.

ยท Ensure โ€˜Complaint Mechanismโ€™ is functioning and follow up as required.

ยท Consolidate draft report of the programme in the given template after receiving it from community facilitators.

ยท Ensure report is acquired from community facilitators in a timely manner.

ยท Provide guidance to community facilitators on reporting requirements.

ยท Represent ActionAid and program partners in meetings with local Government agencies and local stakeholders (as appropriate and agreed with management)

ยท Ensure effective coordination with other agencies working in the program location.

ยท Directly line manages safe space volunteers working in the program location.

ยท Ensure the above mentioned individualโ€™s capacity, knowledge and skills is in place to deliver their assigned role and responsibilities

ยท Manage basic HR requirements in accordance with ActionAid-ARI HROD policies;

ยท Identify training needs of the team and recommend accordingly to the management.

ยท Provide required information and thoughts to support development of concept notes and proposals relating to Resilience activities

ยท Facilitate community consultation meetings when required for proposal development work.

ยท Provide evidence from the ground for policy work at national levels.

ยท Ensure local level policy advocacy & campaigns work is community women and youth driven.

ยท For wider solidarity at local level encourage linking of women groups / communities to work together on common issues.

ยท Other responsibilities as requested by Line Manager

Education & Certifications:

Relevant academic degree, preferably Bachelors in development, management.

Essential Knowledge, skills and Experience:

ยง At least 2 years experience working on protection programs.

ยง Able to build strong team and work together in the spirit of team work.

ยง Have grounded understanding of the refugee crisis in the region.

ยง Experience of working with refugee communities and their dynamics.

ยง Have good cultural understanding, and analytical skills to understand and respond to the local communities needs.

ยง Able to communicate effectively with communities.

ยง Team building and coordination experience

ยง Excellent coordination/facilitation and communication skills with strong sense of team spirit

ยง Good interpersonal communication/negotiation skills both in written/oral Arabic and English.

ยง Result oriented person; ability to manage multiple tasks, work under pressure and meeting of deadlines

Personal Qualities

Mutual respect, Equity and justice, Honesty and transparency, Solidarity with the poor, Courage of conviction, Independence, Humility**.**

This vacancy is archived.

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