Request for Expression of Interest and Quotation to conduct Mapping of Actors and Processes focused on Building and Sustaining Peace in South Sudan

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 02 March 2021
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 16 March 2021

1.0 Background

Womenโ€™s International Peace Centre formerly Isis-Womenโ€™s International Cross-Cultural Exchange (Isisโ€“WICCE) is a feminist organization with a mission to ignite womenโ€™s leadership, through amplifying womenโ€™s voices and deepening their activism to (re)create peace. The Peace Centre, through the Building Sustainable Peace: Women, Peace and Security programme, seeks to strengthen young womenโ€™s capacity to participate in and influence peace processes and their outcomes from a gender perspective in South Sudan. This will support young womenโ€™s advocacy efforts and creating of new spaces for women to engage key decision-makers at national, regional and international levels to influence peace and security policy discourse and action in South Sudan from a gender perspective.

The Revitalised Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan by providing the 35% quota for their political participation (article 1.4.4) affirms research findings that peace is more sustainable when women are included in peace processes, in high-level decision-making and political governance. The National Action Plan on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and Related Resolutions (2015-2020) implemented under the leadership of the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare also reflects the governmentโ€™s commitment to uplift the status of women and their role in building sustainable peace. Ministry of Gender has taken great strides to coordinate all actors and ensure a gender lens is used across all peace and security interventions. Women leaders and civil society actors have also played important parts in ensuring that women take leadership in building peace and national development.

2.0 The Assignment

The Peace Centre seeks a consultant to conduct a mapping of key actors and processes related to ongoing and planned interventions to build sustainable peace in South Sudan at national level.

The mapping document will inform the advocacy efforts of targeted young women seeking to participate in in peace processes, in high-level decision-making and political governance. The mapping document that would provide them with information on key stakeholder, spaces and processes as well as potential partnership opportunities.

3.0 Methodology

The consultant(s) is expected to propose a methodology that is suitable for the task. Additional information can be provided upon request.

4.0 Required Skills and Experience:

  1. Experience in advocacy on gender-responsive peacebuilding in South Sudan

  2. Knowledge of the issues related to women, peace and security in South Sudan

  3. Excellent analytical, synthesis and writing skills

  4. Working knowledge of English and French.

This vacancy is archived.

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