PSS and GBV Consultant

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 05 August 2020
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 18 September 2020

ABOUT US: TIYYD and Karam Foundation are partners in the Karam House project, which serves as a hub for programs that provide innovative education and aid to displaced Syrian families, children and youth.**

SCOPE: The PSS and GBV consultant will lead the development of the Karam House mental health team (currently one GBV case worker and one psychologist), providing support specifically on refining the current curriculum, developing best practices for service delivery and reporting mechanisms. The consultant will also provide on-site mentoring and coaching, attend sessions virtually and provide regular feedback remotely when needed. This position is grant-funded in partnership with SAMs.


This contract will be for 6 months, with the first 3 months being dedicated to more intensive support to the team and the latter 3 months providing high-level coaching and mentoring. The specific work plan, schedule and location will be determined during the start up phase of the project. By the end of this contract, PSS and GBV activities are to be fully integrated into Karam House core programming.

Months 1-3 (40 hours/month): Activities will be complete in combination of in-person and remote.

Refining Curriculum: This process will be undergone with the mental health team and KH site manager ensuring both the technical material is complete in accordance with what will work best with the Karam House community.

  • Build upon current standardized PSS and GBV curriculum to be utilized for the Karam House community with a particular focus on the GBV curriculum.

  • Adjust curriculum to deliver virtually during COVID-19.

  • Implement and adjust based off of session feedback.

Service Delivery Practices: This process will be undergone with the site manager and Director of Programs so as to ensure that delivery of the services are innovative and embody the spirit of the Karam House space.

  • Lead the development of presentation materials and tools for both GBV and PSS activities.

  • Coach the Karam House team on best practice delivery in a manner which suits the Karam House culture and community.

Reporting: This process will be undergone with the Director of Programs and mental health team in order to build a technically reporting mechanism that can be utilized internally by the Karam House team, measuring indicators of importance for the organization:

  • Develop reporting template for mental health specialists to complete for sessions

  • Train mental health specialists on how the prepare and complete the report.

  • Provide recommendations on what key indicators should be tracked by Karam House for this particular program.

  • Refining measurement tools

Mentoring and Coaching: The consultant will be expected to attend sessions with the psychologist and GBV worker in order to provide live feedback and recommendations after sessions are complete.

  • Attend at least 2-4 hours of GBV and PSS sessions per week (at least)

  • Provide in-depth feedback to mental health specialists on performance

  • Provide recommendations and follow-up for implementation

Months 4-6 (20 hours/month): Activities will be conducted remotely (except if an in-person meeting is deemed necessary).

Mentoring and Coaching: This process will be undergone with the consultant and the mental health team in order to trouble-shoot and provide additional guidance as needed.

  • Meet for at least 4 hours every week with a focus on:

  • Troubleshooting

  • Advising based off of needs identified by the mental health team

  • Providing support on report preparation (both internal and external)

  • Random observation of sessions to assess progress of service delivery and mental health teamโ€™s capacity


  • Weekly reporting on activities, hours, benchmarks as agreed upon in the set-up phase of the project and against the timeline agreed upon.

  • Interim report at the end of phase 1 which will report on outputs and outcomes achieved and a recommendation for strategy adjustment for phase 2.

  • Final report detailing the progress throughout the consultancy, observations and recommendations for program continuity after January 2021.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS (exceptions for the latter to be made in case contracting occurs with a company):

  • Ability to easily travel within Turkey

  • Turkish Citizen or Residency Permit or Kimlik for Reynali or Istanbul.

REPORTS TO: Director of Programs + Site Manager**

This vacancy is archived.

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