Project Documentary for GwD, Turkana County

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 25 February 2020
  • Deadline Date: Thursday, 05 March 2020

1. Background

I Choose Life - Africa (ICL) is a leading youth focused Non-Governmental Organizations that has significantly contributed to the realization of socio-economic development and empowerment of individuals bringing about transformative change across communities in Kenya. The organization has over 14 years’ experience implementing evidence-based adolescents and youth programs in over 345 institutions of learning (Primary, Secondary and Higher learning institutions) across 25 Counties in Kenya. ICL aims at contributing towards improved life opportunities of adolescent and youth aged 10-24 using a holistic transformational model. ICL employs evidence to design and run innovative and high impact interventions to improve key indicators in health, education, economic empowerment and leadership and governance with regards to children, adolescents and youth. To ensure maximum impact, ICL utilizes a multi-sectorial approach, Quadra Helix development approach (which brings together the Government, Private sector, Academia and Civil society) to foster innovative and sustainable transformation in communities. In this model ICL envisions better health and well-being, quality education and improved livelihoods for sustainable development. In her work, ICL is guided by Vision 2030 whose objectives it seeks to cascade to counties, sub counties, wards, organized groups and households. In her sustainable and transformative service delivery, ICL invests in generation and documentation of evidence to influence policy and practice. The organization is guided by a vision of a “Healthy Africa, Empowered People!” and is on a mission to improve the life opportunities of youth aged 10-24 through strategic empowerment for sustainable development.

Jielimishe GWD Project

I Choose Life - Africa (ICL), through Jielimishe Girls without Dowry Project (JGwD), is working with 500 marginalized girls from two wards, namely Lokichoggio and Kalobeyei in Turkana West Sub County. The project aims at breaking the patriarchal structures and increasing equality among Karamoja cluster through education as a key leveller. The three (3) year project funded by Swedish Post code Lottery through ERIKS Development Partner has been in implementation from September 2018 and will be completed in August 2021.

Following the rich experience and vast understanding of the contextual barriers behind educational marginalization for girls, the potential that exists amongst them and their communities, Jielimishe GwD seeks to empower girls and improve their learning outcomes and their household using a transformative gender equality lens. The project thus aims at improving the Life Chances of 500 marginalized girls aged 10-19 in Turkana West Sub County through gender equality in education by 2021.

2. Objective of Assignment

The overall objective of the assignment is to document longitudinal stories that document and communicate about impact of the project. This will be done through Photo and Video story documentation on the importance of education in addressing developmental barriers. ICL seeks to stage a photo exhibition to increase public understanding and awareness about the situation in Turkana County

The photo exhibition, dubbed „Agency to sustain the gains from the Girls Without Dowry Project“ will showcase the journey of the 540 marginalised girls who will benefit from the project. The documentation will adopt a case management approach, where individual girls will be identified and tracked longitudinally. The individualized tracking will document critical and contextual barriers that hamper their education pursuit and social development in general, otherwise known as “educational marginalization”; the gains due to key interventions that transform their life chances; and documentation of high impact interventions that deserve to be sustained and scaled up. The tracking will provide a glimpse into the girls’ lives, their engagement with the project; the scope and depth of the interventions the girls have received and key learnings worth sharing with key stakeholders. The photo exhibition will engage and involve professional photographers who will help in documentation of girls’ engagements, experiences and journey with towards improved life chances. The Project documentation will be presented in form of photos and videos together with stories and/or informative texts about the situation in Turkana. The exhibition will bring forth the works of photographers and videographers who will have journeyed with the project over the implementation period.

3. Identified areas/topics for photo/video documentary**

  1. Quality of teaching and learning in primary and secondary.

  2. Parental empowerment and engagement in equitable support of education for their children.

  3. Apprenticeship as a practical skills training to empower youth from very marginalized communities

4. Scope of Work

Under the general supervision of the Project Manager and direct supervision by the program officer, the consultant will be required to work closely with project team for accomplishment of following tasks:

  • Hold preparatory discussion meetings with the Program team and management about the preparation of videos
  • Develop the overall concept and narrative, identify locations for filming and as appropriate, draft questions for interviewees.
  • Develop the documentary script and storyboard to be used in the film, attuned to the various target audiences.
  • Visit the field site and shoot general footage and interviews with the Projects’ major beneficiaries and stakeholders. (Children’s Officer, Probation Officer, Ward Administrators, Assistant County Commissioners, MOE – (SCDE, SQASO, CSO and Implementation schools Teachers and Head teachers done in both Kiswahili and English
  • Present draft documentary at the end of the field mission for first review and incorporation of feedback.
  • Produce an edited Video Recording of the scenes captured, as well as footage of the recorded stories/ raw footage of the entire event.
  • Provide at-least 50 high quality pictures in soft format of the activities/beneficiaries with name of subject in picture, brief description of activity, location and the date picture are captured.
  • Submission of final master high quality videos in HD, AVI and MP4 formats, as well as submitting them on DVD.
  • Submission of all raw footage captured in project areas and master tapes for all interviews.
  • Produce one overall project video documentary on identified areas of the project within key intervention areas, in consultation with ICL and provide versions with English and with Kiswahili subtitles, in accordance with ICL branding guidelines.

5. Expertise of the Consultant (or Consultancy Firm)

To deliver the assignment, I Choose Life Africa is looking for a consultant or consultancy firm that meets the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in the area of film/reportage/documentary writing, producing, directing and editing.
  • Demonstrated extensive experience in producing development-related photographs and videos aimed at reaching the media, government actors, CSOs communities and the private sector.
  • Experience in working with local and international organisations.
  • Excellent technical capacities (access to the highest quality filming, light, sound and editing equipment for High Definition footage) to ensure on time and high-quality production.
  • Sample film will be required to demonstrate technical competencies in relation to filming, interviewing, sound recording and all other necessary skills to achieve a professional final film.
  • Experience in development communication will be an added advantage.
  • Local knowledge of Turkana county will be an added advantage.
  • Ability to communicate and conduct interviews in English and Swahili.


6. Child Safeguarding**

In line with the UNCRC, ICL strives to keep children safe in all its undertakings. The successful applicant will be required to read, understand, and commit to abide by ICL Child Safeguarding Policy and guidelines. The institution/firm or individual Consultant will sign the policies to indicate an understanding of, and commitment to follow the policy requirements, including its annexes (Code of Conduct and Principles of Ethical Reporting on Children).

This vacancy is archived.

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