Patient Accompaniment Navigator

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  • Added Date: Thursday, 29 September 2022
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Position Title: Patient Accompaniment Navigator

Reports to: Senior Director of Program Support

Location: Boston, MA

Position Type: Full-Time, Temporary. Expected end date: 9/1/2023.

Position Overview

The Patient Accompaniment Navigator is primarily responsible for managing the overall programmatic and financial components for patients and their families traveling to Boston from Partners In Health (PIH) sites to receive medical care. This person will leverage the vast network of partners, volunteers, and resources within the PIH network to ensure patient/family needs are met and receive appropriate supports as necessary, while also working closely with Legal and Finance departments to ensure the proper legal/financial agreements with collaborators. This role will serve as the focal point of contact for all matters concerning the patient and will liaise closely with PIH Coordination Site teams as well as community resources, hospitals, medical providers, and other individuals as necessary. This person will also serve as point of contact for PIH international staff traveling to Boston to receive medical care on an as needed basis.


Oversee Patient Caregiving (30%)

๏‚ท Oversee caregiving responsibilities to ensure patientsโ€™ medical needs are met and the patient has access to medical interpretation, pharmaceutical assistance, transportation, nutritional support, and other support services.

๏‚ท Work closely with patient caregiver to liaise with patientโ€™s medical team, social workers, to ensure clear communication on patient progress.

Oversee Social Accompaniment for Patients and Families (40%)

๏‚ท Manage pre-departure and arrival logistics for the patient, including flight bookings, airport pick-ups, and ensuring patient has urgent food, clothing, or hygiene items prepared

๏‚ท Arrange housing for patient/family within appropriate proximity to where patient is receiving medical care, including identifying a certified/licensed nurse or caregiver should the patient necessitate in-home care

๏‚ท Ensure caregiver routinely identifies and addresses patientsโ€™ need for clothing, hygiene items, and other supports as necessary to ensure patientโ€™s non-medical needs are met

๏‚ท Identify community resources and link patient and caregiver to opportunities and resources accordingly

๏‚ท Facilitate connections with visitors and others in local community and help arrange activities, social outings

๏‚ท Assist with arranging transportation to medical appointments as needed

๏‚ท Maintain ongoing communication and relationship with patient caregiver to ensure comprehensive support for both patient and caregiver

Collaboration with PIH teams (30%)

๏‚ท Maintain clear and consistent communication with identified relevant stakeholders within PIH about relevant issues with attention to confidentiality

๏‚ท Work closely with Finance, Development, Global Policy and Partnerships and Program Support teams to collaborate on financial agreements, fundraising needs, and other areas accordingly

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