OCG : Planetary Health Coordinator (12 months, 100%)

  • Added Date: Monday, 10 February 2020
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 28 February 2020


Under the supervision of the OCG General Director, the PH Coordinator initiates, coordinates and supports all strategies and tactics linked to implementing the Planetary Health orientation of the OCG Strategic Plan 2020-23 (SP) and beyond, and  assists the mainstreaming of this throughout the MSF movement. On behalf of other OCs and the MSF movement, he/she ensures transversal coordination of this newly created strategic focus.

He/she will coordinate at OCG and influence the MSF movement in the integration of Planetary Health concerns as a medico-operational and institutional priority.

Main tasks

Initiate, coordinate and support all strategies and tactics linked to implementing the Planetary Health orientation of the OCG Strategic Plan 2020-23

  • The PH Coordinator will directly lead the Footprint strategic goal and provide full support to the Medico-Operations and Advocacy strategic goals.
  • The details of tactics (case studies, policy changes, research, training, networks, operational tools etc) to achieve these goals are contained in the OCG WorkPlan and substantially based on the PH roadmap developed in 2019. The PH Coordinator will finalize and continually revise the WorkPlan based on results and possibilities linked to political will and resources available, ensuring that the objectives remain both aspirational, transformational and feasable. 
  • The PH Coordinator will ensure that the driving force for the PH strategy is finding a balance between implementing (and improving the implementation of) the MSF Social Mission, and addressing deeply systemic change requirements to “future-proof” that Social Mission.

Lead and coordinate OCG Planetary Health “working group”, drive other MSF initiatives

  • Drive strategy implementation, transversality, networking, knowledge sharing, transparency, internal communications and change management, and to make sure the OCG group cross fertilises with other strategic focus groups, ensuring that former departmental silos are not subsitituted for thematic silos.
  • Ensure that all progress is beneficial not only to OCG but to the MSF movement, supporting other MSF entities (OCs, PS, IO, IB, etc.) to mainstream planetary health concerns and catalyse action across the movement. This includes building or participating in and driving intersectional working groups / task forces / networks.
  • Represent or organise appropriate representation of MSF to external actors (Governments, UN/NGO, networks, conferences, media, etc.)
  • Monitoring and accountability to the General Director and KEOPS

Support the Medico Operations Strategic Goal

As per the OCG Strategic Plan - Medico Operations: MSF OCG will add a planetary health analysis lens as an integral part of our medico-operational analysis and planning, in order to have a direct impact on our operational portfolio.

To achieve the above:

  • The PH Coordinator will organize for 4 case studies (in 2020) of 4 OCG projects that will review the intervention criteria and the project evolution through the Planetary Health lens. The objective is to better understand how these issues contributed directly and indirectly to the operational choices made and to then further understand how these issues, in combination with other environmental issues (conflict, displacement etc.) have impacted on the populations and patients today and in the future.
  • In parallel to the development of the case studies, he/she will propose updated tools for Operational Planning that fully integrates PH issues in both the day to day work and strategic planning processes for operational teams (assessment tools, context analysis, MSPs, Project Documents, COPROS etc.).
  • To ensure the full integration of PH issues, guidance and sensitization of operational teams will be developed.
  • In collaboration with the review of Emergency Response and the Operations, Medical and Logistics departments, he/she will:
    • integrate PH issues into the surveillance mechanisms in place in missions and HQ and 
    •  develop adapted EPREP to ensure that OCG has the capacity to better respond to the evolving nature of outbreaks and other emergency situations.

The principle of ‘copy-contextualize-paste’ is to be reinforced; OCG will not develop its own tools if they are available with another actor.

Lead the Footprint Strategic Goal

As per the OCG Strategic Plan: “*MSF OCG will undertake practical mitigation actions, within a long-term vision in order to significantly reduce our environmental footprint while still implementing our social mission”.*

To contribute to the above, the PHC will, in collaboration with internal and external actors, develop a multiyear plan that will see a responsible reduction in the Carbon Footprint of OCG, ensuring the correct balance between our operational and emergency response ambitions and our social responsibility towards the planet and the populations and patients that we serve.

Based on the above, the PHC will:

  • propose actions in terms of internal processes, at HQ and field level to diminish the negative environmental impact of MSF actions; 
  • document and propose new technical standards (i.e. replicable) that will improve MSF’s environmental footprint without affecting the humanitarian output of MSF action. 
  • Areas the require further investigation include: energy & carbon management; procurement & supply; travel and transport; water footprint; material footprint and waste management; construction and rehabilitation; organisational and workforce development; behaviour change; partnerships and networks; adaptation and risk management; legal framework and governance.


As per the OCG Strategic Plan: “*MSF OCG will highlight health impacts as well as humanitarian needs, within a planetary health framework of vulnerable and disproportionately affected populations in order to contribute to the call for responsible and environmentally sustainable action”.*

To contribute to the above, the PHC will:

  • Based on the validated WorkPlan, to develop an advocacy strategy around PH issues for both internal and external audiences. 
  • Based on field experiences, to contribute to the development of a public narrative and external advocacy strategy based on findings, lessons learned, research data from operational and institutional practices. 
  • Based on field experiences, to contribute to the call for responsible and environmentally sustainable action that highlights health impacts as well as humanitarian needs of the disproportionally marginalized and “already vulnerable” populations.

Your Profile


  • Master’s Degree in a revelant field is preferable


  • Experience in heath & environmental field
  • Field experience with a humanitarian organisation
  • Experience with MSF is preferable
  • Experience in coordination of strategy & implementation


  • Coordination, leadership and organizational skills
  • Oral and written (cross-cultural) communication skills (external representation level)
  • Didactic capacities & learning-oriented
  • Transversal project management
  • Good grasp of research methodology and literature review
  • Analysis and synthesis of complex information


  • Fluency in English and French required
  • other languages a bonus

Personal qualities

Participative, networking, innovative, flexible, passionate, supportive.

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