OCG : Flying Medical Specialist

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 11 February 2020
  • Deadline Date: Saturday, 29 February 2020

Médecins Sans Frontières seeks for its field position

Flying Medical Specialist

for the Improvement of Health Care support

This position is based in the Field, travelling from mission to mission


The Improvement of Health Care (IHC) program has been focusing on patient safety and on the improvement of care in the projects. This allowed coming up with a Quality Improvement (QI) method that support teams locally for the healthcare gaps/challenges they are confronted too.

A Patient Safety Incident (PSI) policy was written, together with standard procedures and reporting pathway. Quality of Care (QoC) monitoring tools were updated, developed or will be soon, to support the teams in defining where their health care gaps are. Other aspects will soon be developed too, on Patient centered – Patient as partner aspects.

All of this needs to be supported by people trained on these topics in order to transfer competencies to the field and enable local health workers.


Quality Improvement

The Flying IHC will intervene in the mission to:

  • Prepare and facilitate the Workshops with the teams in the field on their Quality challenges (3-4 days):
    1. Definition of quality of care
    2. Listing of Quality gaps for the project
    3. Prioritization of problems
    4. Root Cause analysis of priority problems with the team
    5. Improvement plan with SMART indicators created by the team
  • Support for the implementation in the units
  • Quarterly follow-up with teams
  • Methodology support when needed

Patient Safety Incident

  • Answering to PSI reports
  • Support of analysis of cases through coordination among referents.
  • Field visit for complicated cases needing focal person (when high workload, need for improvement support).
  • QI support to improve processes linked to the incident (see workshop content).

Quality of Care

  • Support the field in the use of different QoC tools, such as for the Rational prescriptions.
  • Support the teams in the mandatory Rational prescription audits

Patient satisfaction & Patient as partner support

  • Patient satisfaction and Patient as partner support: to be developed in next SP. Currently, the new Patient Satisfaction tool is being monitored and needs support to be done (explanations).
  • Patient Satisfaction is currently being piloted and needs support to the teams so that they can do it in a non-biased way. 
  • Such audits can also be implemented during a filed visit, directly with the team (count a few days for it).

Your Profile

Education and experience

  • Experience as a medical coordinator or para-medical staff with medical management background
  • Experience in coaching processes


  • Quality improvement knowledge and/or implementation background an asset
  • Discretion (medical confidentiality)
  • Good vision of the field constraints and issues
  • Good communication skills
  • HR management knowledge
  • Empathic, non-judgmental and able to manage stressed people in a calm way
  • Fluent in French and English (Arabic and Spanish an asset but reporting done in FR or ENG)

This vacancy is archived.

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