IT Project Manager / Technical Expert Consultant

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  • Added Date: Monday, 25 April 2022
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Background of this search:

The Information Technology Department (ITE) is the responsible for selecting, implementing, and maintaining all the platforms and solutions that support the operations of the Bank. Some of the most critical platforms of the Bank rely on Microsoft solutions such as email, document repository, collaboration and meetings platform, intranet portal, cloud services, security policies, and others.

Due to Microsoftโ€™s fast growth in productivity and collaboration solutions there is an increased demand from clients to incorporate these tools into the Bankโ€™s processes. To have sustainable growth, administrators need to expand support models, define strategies and governance, explore tools that help to monitor, administer, and complement Microsoft solutions.

The teamโ€™s mission:

In this context, the ITE department is looking for an innovative, committed, customer oriented and team player IT professional to support the lifecycle of the document management repository hosted in SharePoint Online; the web services that support integration with other systems, hosted in Azure cloud services; and other solutions than deeply interact with the official repository of the Bank.

What youโ€™ll do:

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