International consultant : Procurement training OMT Cameroon

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 17 March 2020
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Location : Yaoundé, Cameroon

Type of Contract : Individual Contract

Post Level : International Consultant

Languages Required : English and French

Starting Date : March 2020

Expected Duration of Assignment : Ten (10) Days

1. Background

The Operations Management Team is an inter-agency entity under the supervision of the UN Country Team, which provides leadership on the implementation of a coordinated, efficient and effective common operational support agenda at the country level, to ensure programme delivery is supported in an effective and efficient possible way, ensuring high quality, timely operational support to participating agencies. The means to achieve this is through coordinated efforts in the area of business operations in Cameroon, through the implementation of the Business Operations Strategy (BOS) 2018-2020.

Within this context, procurement plays a pivotal role in supporting OMT's mandate and achievement of results. A significant part (80%) of the BOS activities is related to procurement of Goods and Services and requires good knowledge of procurement.

For better performance and to enable the OMT realize full po​tential of its activities, the group needs members with the requisite knowledge, skills, behaviors and competencies to enable them to fulfil their goals. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to strengthen capacity of the members on common procurement to improve their abilities to exercise their functions effectively.

In this respect, OMT with the support of the Office of the Resident Coordinator, seeks to engage an International consultant to undertake the development of a comprehensive and customized training on common UN procurement.

The International consultant will work under the overall guidance and direct supervision of the OMT Chair on behalf of the OMT, and in close collaboration with the Office of the Resident Coordinator.

2. Objectives and Scope of Work

The overall objective of the training is to develop and/or strengthen knowledge, understanding and awareness of concepts related to Common UN Procurement for the OMT and to develop a SOP which gives a detailed step-by-step guide to conducting Common UN procurement activities.

Specifically, the participants will enhance their knowledge and skills in the following activities:


· Explain the key principles to be applied when procuring goods and services

· Identify common types of procurement and state when each would be used

· Describe the key stages in the Procurement Cycle

· Explain what is meant by procurement methods and thresholds

· Identify the factors that identify lead times and explain how lead times impact delivery

· Describe the advantages of Long-Term Agreements and the role of contract monitoring and how to conduct a process for LTA

· effective planning, risk assessment, execution and monitoring of procurement operations;
appropriate selection of prescribed procurement methods;

· preparation of procurement documents based on standard models

· increased awareness of the importance of “bid challenge” procedures and related remedies for the proper functioning of a procurement system;

· upgraded ability to conduct bid evaluation, contract award and contract administration procedures;

· proficient use of international commercial trade terms - INCOTERMS;

· Enhance capacity on Contract Award and Execution


· Options for common UN procurement

. Piggy-backing (Process, challenges and solutions)

. Joint LTAs through lead agency (Process, challenges and solutions)

. Using procurement services of other UN organizations (Process, challenges and solutions)

. Procuring from other UN organizations (Process, challenges and solutions)

· Procurement data collection process and spend analysis

· Evaluation and Monitoring of common UN LTAs

· Measuring impact, benefits and savings due to common UN procurement

On completion of this course the participants will be able to conduct the procurement process for goods, works and services

3. Deliverables/Outputs

More specifically, the following are the deliverables/outputs which are linked to the payments as per below table;

1- Comprehensive training module with the 3 days training agenda approved : 25%

2- Training workshop completed, and report submitted with All Presentations and support training material : 50%

3- SOP on common UN procurement finalized : 25%

4. Methodology

Course delivery methodology is a combination of presentations, panel discussions on key issues, individual and group exercises, role play and analysis of case studies dealing with typical problems in procurement.

5. Duration and timeframe

The assignment duration is ten (10) days from …… to……. October 2019 as follows:

· Development of a comprehensive training module and training agenda: 3 days

· Training workshop: 3 days

· Submission of Training workshop report: 2days

· SOP on common UN procurement based on discussion during the workshop : 2days

6. Reporting

Throughout the assignment the contractor will work under the overall guidance of OMT Chair on behalf of the OMT, and in close collaboration with the Office of the Resident Coordinator

7. Requirements for experience and qualifications

Interested candidates must have the following competencies, qualifications, required skills and experience:


· Advanced degree (Masters) in operations, finance, auditing, logistics, procurement, management, statistics or development related field preferably with specific focus on international development and humanitarian operations.

· Minimum of 5 years of experience with procurement, logistics or operations having quantitative analysis background and having Common UN procurement experience would be an asset.

· Professional training in, and experience with statistical/operational analyses, and inter-agency procurement activities involving multiple UN agencies.

  • Proficiency in French and/or English (written and verbal) with a strong working knowledge of the other language.


Professional Competencies:

· Professionalism: Knowledge and understanding of UN’s operational context in Cameroon, particularly in the fields of common services and the Business Operations Strategy. Ability to identify key procedures and issues, conduct data collection, operational analysis and discussions with decision-makers to propose solutions to these issues. Ability to apply sound judgment in the context of assignments given.

This vacancy is archived.