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  • Added Date: Friday, 12 January 2024
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About the program:

WRI Europe Executive Office: WRIโ€™s Office in Europe hosts teams working across all the Instituteโ€™s program areas and core functions. As part of its new 5-year strategy, WRI has identified 3 main roles Europe can play in the great transition towards a better world for people, nature and climate. On the one hand, Europe is understood as a driver for change, meaning that Europe, in certain areas and topics, has the right context and capacity to push the frontier of what is possible in the field of climate action. Europe, however, also has a role as a consumer, its ecological footprint and emissions are too large, and need to be reduced. Lastly, Europe can be a partner for change, through funding, but also in business, research, partnerships and many other areas to which Europe stakeholders can contribute. The Europe Executive Office supports the large diversity of teams in the delivery of their objectives under this strategy and works to ensure cohesion and strategic alignment within the Europe office, as well as effective interconnectedness with the global network of offices of the World Resources Institute.

Internship Highlight:

This internship is a great opportunity to work alongside the Europe Executive Office, as well as management and program teams working in a wide diversity of topics related to sustainability. You will have the chance to support the organization to fulfill one of its main institutional priorities: strengthening its internal partnering capabilities and fostering a culture of interconnectedness and crossโ€“ silo work. In doing so, you will work with different teams and experts from around the Global Network of WRI Offices. '

On a thematical level, this internship will provide insight into the interconnected nature of the different elements within the transition that need to take place to build a better planet for people, nature and climate.

This internship is a great opportunity to learn how a complex and diverse organization, such as WRI runs at the regional level, contribute to the enhancement of its processes in addition to helping the various teams fulfill their strategic objectives.

What you will do:

In this role you will support the Europe Executive Officeโ€™s efforts to ensure internal partnering and foster a culture of interconnected and cross-siloed work. This will be done by supporting and providing input into important initiatives such as a Community of Practice on Demand Side Solutions and the implementation of the new Europe Management Team structure.

Your internship supervisor will be Santiago Londoรฑo, Assistant to the Vice President/Europe Regional Director.

Focus area #1: Support the design and implementation of key partnership initiatives (60%)

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