Intern for Urban Planning and Design (Bali based)

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  • Added Date: Thursday, 27 June 2024
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Program Overview

WRI Indonesiaโ€™s urban mobility portfolio focus on reducing citiesโ€™ GHG emission through sustainable transportation, vehicle electrification and, in-paralel with the energy and climate programs, greening the electricity grid to reach optimum emission reduction. Our mission is to help cities and provinces to implement low carbon development, particularly in transportation and energy sectors, to achieve economic, social, and environmental goals.

One of the initiatives is called Bali Transportation Decarbonization. This program aims to achieve Bali's Net Zero Emissions by 2045 in the transportation sector through the development of a decarbonization road map and the establishment of an equitable Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The decarbonization roadmap serves as a reference for strategies and policies to reduce carbon emissions, focusing not only on vehicle electrification but also on transport system efficiency. This approach includes reducing travel demand and distance (avoid), shifting from high-emission vehicles to public transport and non-motorized transport (shift), and using renewable energy sources and fuel switching (improvement).

The development of an equitable LEZ is a key strategy that empirically tests the implementation of transportation decarbonization in Bali. The equitable LEZ aims to become an area model for implementing decarbonization strategies in the transportation sector. It will also use an enabling ecosystem approach and demonstrate a low-carbon transportation system to create socio-economic opportunities in the area.

To support the planning and implementation of the Bali Transportation Decarbonization program especially in equitable low emission zones topics, WRI Indonesia is seeking an urban planning and design intern. This intern will assist with analysis, research, design, and planning equitable low emission zones and non-motorized transportation topics, as well as provide other support for the Bali Net Zero Emissions 2045 Initiative.

General Internship Roles

The Intern will be based in Bali, Indonesia and working closely with WRI Indonesia urban mobility team to provide assistance and support on various urban mobility project. Tasks will involve providing assistance on various initiatives under Bali Transport Decarbonization and Low Emission Zone program.

The intern will be actively involved in policy analysis, research, planning, and design on urban mobility and sustainable transportation. This will include performing desk research, carrying out interviews with key stakeholders, and analyzing data on the effects and practicalities of sustainable transportation.

Furthermore, the intern will play an active role in the development, implementation, and engagement process of the Bali Transportation Decarbonization Initiative. Their tasks will include supporting the development and execution of the strategy, participating in stakeholder engagement activities, and assisting in creating materials necessary for these activities.

What You Will Learn

  1. Learning experience and exposed to various urban mobility topics.
  2. Developing research skills and applying findings to strategic planning and research for urban mobility projects.

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