IDIQ Director - Venezuela Response and Integration, Colombia

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 15 September 2020
  • Deadline Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2020


Creative Associates seeks an IDIQ Director for an upcoming USAID-funded project in Colombia. The Director provides overall technical and administrative leadership and expertise to the project and serves as the primary liaison with the donor on management and technical matters. The Director will take a leadership role in coordinating with the donor, other implementing partners, other donors, and any other key stakeholders. The Director will have demonstrated ability to work in complex environments and manage diverse teams to deliver impact.

Project Summary:

USAID/Colombia's Venezuela Response and Integration (VRI) IDIQ will help Colombia respond to the social, political, and economic disruption caused by sustained mass migration from Venezuela. VRI will increase socio-economic integration by strengthening public systems and economic opportunities in migrant receptor communities. VRI IDIQ Task Orders (TOs) will assist the Colombian Governmentโ€”at the national and local levelsโ€” develop and implement a sustainable, comprehensive approach to respond effectively to the mass migration from Venezuela, as well as help the Colombian Government utilize their resources more effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of migrants and their host communities. VRI IDIQ TOs could cover a wide range of activities related to health, youth, livelihoods, education, citizen security, infrastructure, and economic opportunities within Colombia and potentially Venezuela.

Reporting and Supervision:

The IDIQ Director will report the Project Director based in Washington, DC.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Foster a one-team approach and collaborative mindset among VRI consortium partners, ensuring that each member can apply its technical leadership within their areas of expertise;
  • Ensure that do-no-harm principles are incorporated and apply adaptive management practices throughout the life of the project to ensure responsiveness of programming to an evolving context; and
  • Ensure close coordination with other relevant in-country initiatives, including U.S. Government-funded and other donor-funded programs, Government of Colombia initiatives, and those involving other key stakeholders.

Primary Responsibilities:


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