Environmental Economist Intern

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Program Overview

Indonesia envisions that in 2045 the country will be able to transform its economy from a natural resource-dependent economy to a modern, competitive manufacturing- and service-based economy with high value-added to secure prosperity and social justice for all Indonesians. This transformation will capitalize on the country's maritime strengths by incorporating better ocean resource management to leverage the blue economy development for increasing environmental.

sustainability as well as building competitive, innovative, and sustainable maritime sectors.

A sustainable blue economy is given a central part in this shift of paradigm and geopolitical role. Indonesia will be known globally as a champion for conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of its seas, having been able to tackle the many environmental issues affecting its ocean and seas, such as marine and coastal pollution, climate change, IUU, overfishing, and habitat destruction, among others.

One of the keys to achieve the vision is by enhancing the governance of Indonesian seas and ocean recognising the multifaceted issues and interests across space and time. This effort will need to be supported by objective and scientifically robust data and analysis which can inspire action, coupled with the fulfilment of enabling factors as a catalyst for change and mobilization of resources. In WRI Indonesia, we work on three main areas: (1) Seeking collective actions through convening multistakeholder platforms to leverage the impacts for sustainable coastal and fisheries management, such as: the New Ocean Economy; (2) Enhancing sustainable coastal management including through providing policy-based research for advancing and scaling-up a nature-based solution approach for coastal management and fisheries; and (3) strengthen sustainable blue food management and governance.

General Internship Roles

The intern will be based in Jakarta and actively involved in data collection and analysis for economic valuation of marine and coastal resources. He/she will contribute to the development of economic modelling, analysis, and visualization of monetary value of coastal and marine resources including generated from social activities utilizing those resources, that shall be the basis for Ocean Account.

What You Will Learn

The intern will gain experience in the following areas:

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