Energy Sector Manager

  • Added Date: Monday, 06 July 2020
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 10 July 2020

The project for this position, IANDA GUINEA! LUS KU IAGU, is an European Union program for and with the population of Guinea-Bissau, which has a total of 44 million euros for the period 2019-2024. A set of eight complementary, coherent and harmonious actions that aim to promote solutions to social problems and new economic opportunities: Ianda Guinea! Arrus (mangrove rice row); Ianda Guinea! Djuntu (collectives of organized citizens), Ianda Guinea! Roads (rural lanes); Ianda Guinea! Chickens (poultry row); Ianda Guinea! Vegetable gardens (horticultural row); Ianda Guinea! Kume dritu (food security and nutrition); Ianda Guinea! Lus ku iagu (energy, water and sanitation services); Ianda Guinea! Saรนdi (health). The Ianda Guinea Action! Lus Ku Iagu, implemented by TESE, ADPP and ASPAAB, has the general objective of Improving Access to Drinking Water, Energy and Basic Sanitation Services for Rural and Semi-Urban Populations in Guinea-Bissau, Managed in a Sustainable Way. To achieve this, the following specific objectives were identified: SO 1: Improve the Decentralized Management of Water and Energy Services; SO 2: Build and Rehabilitate Quality and Durable Water and Energy Infrastructures; SO 3: Improve Hygiene Conditions for Rural Communities.

The Sectorial Energy Manager will:

โ€ข Be responsible for the design and execution of projects and services that promote the use of renewable energies and energy efficiency in the sectors and countries where TESE operates.

โ€ข Will be responsible for the design and monitoring of the implementation and management of renewable energy systems, within the scope of the Ianda Guinea Action! Lus Ku Iagu.

โ€ข Within it's professional skills, should also support TESE in other activities, whenever requested.

Main tasks:

โ€ข Manage the activities of the energy component of projects and services, namely:

  • Implementation and dissemination of regulatory frameworks, tariff studies and concession contracts for energy services;

  • Creation of sustainable electrical services (mini-grids or decentralized autonomous systems): identification of target areas and operators, design and implementation of the technical solution, development of management models, training and awareness of stakeholders, technical assistance.

โ€ข Identify new financing opportunities towards the organization's strategic and operational goals, to support the implementation of TESE projects and programs;

โ€ข Ensure a response to funding opportunities, in close collaboration with TESE's team and contribute to the formulation of new projects / services in the Energy sector.

โ€ข Manage partnerships and the team of energy sector and promote periodic meetings to evaluate, monitor and plan project activities;

โ€ข Support the team, partners and associates in the elaboration / update of activity plans, as well as, in the implementation and monitoring of activities;

โ€ข Monitor the budget execution of the projects, review and validate the financial reports and treasury maps of the projects;

โ€ข Ensure that TESE and the partners comply with all the obligations inherent to the grant contracts of the entities financing the projects, and in particular to ensure the execution of the contracted activity plans and budgets;

โ€ข Support partners in the preparation of reports, according to the rules of the funding entities;

โ€ข Guarantee and reinforce the participation of local actors in making strategic decisions (including target groups / partners / beneficiaries);

โ€ข Ensuring adequate management and development of employees, including the recruitment of new ones;

โ€ข Promote adequate visibility for projects, partners, associates and funders.

โ€ข Ensure the establishment of good relations and regular communication about the performance and progress of the projects with the financing entities;

โ€ข Develop contacts and networking with donors, potential partners and national and international stakeholders, in close collaboration with the Country Coordinator;

โ€ข Ensure that TESE Guinea-Bissau and its goals are represented in a professional manner, with partners, the Government and donors.

Qualifications / Essential Requirements

โ€ข Higher education in electrical, mechanical or civil engineering (or other in the energy field);

โ€ข Minimum 5 years of work experience in sectors related to energy and renewable energy systems;

โ€ข Previous experience in the coordination / management of NGO projects in developing countries;

โ€ข Knowledge of the EU's external support procedures and mechanisms and knowledge of the European Commission's regulations, procedures and requirements under grant contracts;

โ€ข Communication, critical analysis and writing skills;

โ€ข Ability to work in multicultural and disciplinary environments, willingness and enthusiasm to work in sometimes challenging conditions;

โ€ข Knowledge of basic professional computer tools: operating systems and general use programs.

Preferential Qualifications / Requirements

โ€ข Experience in participating in at least 2 projects or studies for development cooperation in the energy sector;

โ€ข Work experience in developing countries and / or sub-Saharan Africa;

โ€ข Work experience in Guinea-Bissau and knowledge of the country context;

โ€ข Knowledge of the procedures and support mechanisms of international donors;

โ€ข Good knowledge and experience in participatory methodologies in the development and implementation of projects.

Linguistic knowledge

โ€ข Advanced level (min level B2), written and spoken, in Portuguese (mandatory).

โ€ข Intermediate level (min level B1), written and spoken, in English and / or French

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