Driver, Ethiopia

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 06 January 2021
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 06 April 2021

Driver @ G2

( 2005379 )

Grade : No grade

Contractual Arrangement : Special Services Agreement (SSA)

Contract Duration (Years, Months, Days) : 2 to 12 months

Job Posting: Jan 5, 2021, 7:35:11 AM

1.Background and Justification

* Purpose of the Position

Within the Country Management Support Unit (CSU), to provide transportation support to the WHO Country Office staff and to driving WHO Official vehicles and ensures that vehicles are kept in good and working conditions.

2.Job Description

* Objectives of the Programme and the immediate Strategic Objectives

Vehicle fleet is a key component part of the WHO operations and it is also a huge investment made by the organization to achieve its goal. The WHO support to the different health activities undertaken by the Federal Ministry of Health relies heavily on transport to fulfill its objectives.

* Organizational context (Describe the individual role of the incumbent within the team, the guidance and supervision received and training or briefing provided to others)

The incumbent works outside the office driving WHO vehicle. The incumbent works on the basis of general instructions, own experience and precedents, following WHO CO-specific rules and regulations. The incumbent is encouraged to seek guidance for unusual issues. Work is reviewed by supervisors for meeting expectations and overall quality;

* Summary of Assigned Duties (Describe what the incumbent has to do to achieve main objectives)

Under the overall supervision of the Operations Officer and the direct supervision of the NPO/Transport Officer, the incumbent performs the following functions:-

  • Provide in town and field transport services to WHO staff/high-level Officials/WHO guests for official purposes
  • Maintains vehicles in proper conditions and arrange necessary servicing on regular basis, make other small repairs on urgent matters.
  • Drive assigned vehicle according to the WHO road safety standards ensuring no accident report by own responsibility
  • Administer log sheet for each vehicle movement; report vehicle movement and ensures timely submission of vehicle malfunction report, fuel report and any nature and cause of vehicle accident ;
Ensures that the steps required by the rules and regulations are taken in case of involvement in accident Clears supplies and equipment from airport and post office, customs office. Collects and distributes mails, pouches, documents, invitation cards Operates the HF and VHF communication radios as per the International Radio Communication Procedure Performs other duties as required.

* Difficulty, Sensitivity, Nature and Importance of Work Relations

With whom and for what purpose does the job require contacts?

Title of person contacted Subject and purpose of contact

Within unit/division

With Transport Officer, Transport Clerk & Radio Operator To receive orders and reporting

Within Organization at duty station

Within Organization outside duty station

Outside the Organization

Officers and other staff members

-Ministry of Health and other partners.

-With WHO and other UN radio base stations -To provide transportation service


-To transmit and receive radio message and to report their movement

  • Recruitment Profile

Competencies : Mandatory

Describe the core, management and leadership competencies required

See WHO competency model

list in order of priority, commencing with the most important ones.

*1. Knowing and Managing Yourself

*2. Overall Attitude at Work

*3. Teamwork

  • Respecting and Promoting Individual and Cultural Differences
  • Communication

Functional Knowledge and Skills:-

*Describe the essential knowledge and the skills specific to the position.

Knowledge of driving rules and regulation of the country and skills in minor vehicle repair

Ability to read, write and understand instructions in the working language

An ability of writing a concise and faithful report of the accidents

Educational Qualifications: Essential:- Completion of secondary school education.

Basic training on vehicle maintenance

Basic training on operation of HF radio communication equipment

-3rd grade driving license

Desirable:- Basic computer skills

Experience: Essential: Two years of extensive experience in driving/handling field vehicles, maintenance etc.

Desirable:- Experience within UN system would be an advantage


English Read: 0 Beginners 1 Intermediate 0 Expert Knowledge

Write: 0 Beginners 1 Intermediate 0 Expert Knowledge

Speak: 0 Beginners 1 Intermediate 0 Expert Knowledge

French: Read: 0 Beginners 0 Intermediate 0 Expert Knowledge

Write: 0 Beginners 0 Intermediate 0 Expert Knowledge

Speak: 0 Beginners 0 Intermediate 0 Expert Knowledge

Please indicate if language requirements for English and French are interchangeable. 0 Yes 1 No

Amharic: Read: 0 Beginners 0 Intermediate 1 Expert Knowledge

Write: 0 Beginners 0 Intermediate 1 Expert Knowledge

Speak: 0 Beginners 0 Intermediate1 Expert Knowledge

Other Considerations (e.g. Physical Workplace Condition, if other than normal office environment; IT Skills; etc.)

Basic word processing or other software packages, and standard office equipment. Formal or self-training in the use of standard office software.

Driving for long periods, lifting heavy parcels from the post office and customs warehouse

Subject to weather and traffic risks.


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