Disaster and climate resilience analysts

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  • Added Date: Thursday, 30 November 2023
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Disaster and climate resilience analysts

The Systemic Risk and Resilience (SYRR) Research Group in the IIASA Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA) Program is offering pre or postdoc positions. The successful candidates will conduct disaster & climate resilience analysis with a focus on resilience measurement.


The mission of the SYRR group is to contribute to transforming the way societies manage risks to economic, ecological, and social systems while confronting the global trends that are amplifying these risks. The program examines environmental and socio-economic interactions across multiple scales, providing the analytical foundation for improved management and governance of natural disasters, climate change, and technological and ecological transitions. Our specialty is applying advanced hard and soft systems science methods for assessing and analyzing risks and uncertainties, and designing risk governance processes, to improve policy outcomes on global change issues, such as extreme events, socio-economic development, and environmental degradation.

The project

The successful applicants will join a transdisciplinary team to work on the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance project. As the research co-lead, IIASA undertakes evidence-based research to inform the development of community-based flood resilience strategies and break ground towards transformational adaptation to prevent climate-related disasters. IIASA key research contributions involve identifying innovative ways to substantially increase investments into transformational risk reducing and resilience-building actions before flood strikes, including through work in support of the Flood/Climate Resilience Measurement for Communities (F/CRMC) tool, which applies resilience measurement to more than 300 communities across the world to inform the implementation of resilience measures. IIASA is also contributing cutting-edge research on decision-making for flood risk reduction and resilience (see also Flood Resilience Alliance Portal).

main tasks and responsibilities

The successful applicants will work with the IIASA team and other partners in the Flood Resilience Alliance on community-level disaster and climate resilience measurement for resilience building. Task will include:

The possibility to work up to 100 days per year in home office (within Austria). Assistance for newcomers to Austria with visa, work and residency permit applications. Support finding accommodation in Austria.

Further details here.


IIASA is committed to a working environment that promotes equality, diversity, tolerance and inclusion within its workforce. This is reflected in our IIASA core values. We encourage qualified candidates from all religious, ethnic, and social backgrounds to apply. In the case that candidates are equally qualified, preference will be given to applicants from countries where IIASA has a Member Organization.

Further Information

For further information about this opportunity please contact:

Jung Hee Hyun or Reinhard Mechler (mechler@iiasa.ac.at)

For general information about working at IIASA, please contact:


To apply for this opportunity, you will need to provide the following documents in English:

A cover letter outlining your motivation for and fit to the position* A detailed Curriculum Vitae The names, addresses (including e-mail), and telephone numbers of two work-related reference givers. Deadline for receipt of applications: until filled

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