Development Cooperation Analyst/Head of Secretariat for the Cooperation Partners Group

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 23 September 2020
  • Deadline Date: Thursday, 08 October 2020
  • to provide a forum for members to share information and exchange views on development issues and national plans, to coordinate their work and to identify common development policies, positions and messaging;
  • to discuss and promote joint approaches to strategic issues and processes;
  • to coordinate with all levels of Government;
  • to engage with the Hluttaw, CSOs and the private sector;
  • to encourage development cooperation through regular peer review of performance on the provision of harmonised support and reduced fragmentation;
  • to encourage coherence between membersโ€™ activities relating to development, peace and humanitarian assistance;
  • to support the Government of Myanmarโ€™s preparations regarding annual development cooperation fora;
  • to support and interact with Government of Myanmar-CPG Working Groups, which may be set up to deal with specific issues; and
  • to ensure good communication between all members.
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of the CPG secretariat work plan ensuring that activities contribute to the achievement of targets and results outlined by the CPG.
  • Under the above work plan, formulate procurement, human resources, communications, monitoring and risk management plans for the secretariat, as needed.ย 
  • Management and oversight of the CPG secretariat budget, in accordance with the work plan above. Monitor the use of the budget and achievements made and develop lessons learned reports, as required.ย 
  • Reporting, both narrative and financial, on secretariat outputs and financial status as per UNDP rules and regulations.
  • Participation in UNDP programme meetings and supporting activities (e.g. recruitment, work planning, reporting) in line with UNDP staff requirements.ย 
  • Supervision and overall performance management of UNDP secretariat personnel.
  • Management of outsourced CPG analysis and translations through subject matter experts; ensure their successful achievement by developing Terms of Reference, contracting the expert(s) in line with the UNDP policies and procedures, and supervising their implementation, and reviewing and approving deliverables.ย 
  • Work closely on joint initiatives with other core CP coordination structures including but not limited to the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT), the office of the UN Resident Coordinator / Humanitarian Coordinator (RC/HC) and the Peace Support Group (PSG).
  • Production of agendas, talking points, pre-meeting briefs, meeting summaries and action points, and post-meeting follow up actions for CPG monthly meetings.ย 
  • Provision of similar ad hoc support to other CPG-related meetings, including, but not limited, to:ย 
  • CPG workstreams (i.e. working groups under the CPG)
  • Government-led national development cooperation dialogues
  • Development Assistance Coordination Unit (DACU) - CPG meetings
  • Foreign Economic Relations Department (FERD) - CPG meetings
  • Workshops on specific priority issues such as Development-Humanitarian-Peace Nexus, Development Effectiveness, Private Sector Engagement, CSO/INGO Liaison, Governance.ย 
  • Ensure that CPG-related meetings and activities promote the development effectiveness agenda at country level (i.e. through the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) principles), in collaboration with a wide range of national and international stakeholders (e.g. Govt., INGO, CSO, private sector, parliament).ย 
  • Support CPs to make connections between the CPG Work Streams to improve overall strategic impact of the Work Streams and of the CPG, and support the hosting of dedicated issue-based events related to their focus, which are open to CPs.
  • Monitor satisfaction of CPG members and other stakeholders with CPG secretariat services and make improvements, as needed.ย 
  • Coordination with the Development Assistance Coordination Unit (DACU) and the Foreign Economic Relations Department (FERD) as DACU secretariat, as well as other Ministries, Departments and coordination bodies;
  • Streamlining of communications between DACU/FERD and CPG and lowering of transaction costs, for example through collating and sharing information that Government requests from CPG on a range of issues such as development cooperation architecture, development policies, etc.ย 
  • Support Government, as needed, on implementation of the Development Assistance Policy.ย 
  • Provision of consolidated inputs from CPs on key documents/processes
  • Coordination of CPs on provision of support to Government related to key national strategic processes
  • Coordination with Government through the Government-CPG Sector Coordination Groups (SCGs) / Coordination Groups (CGs);
  • Development of key joint messages from CPG on dedicated, priority issues.
  • Provision to CPG of relevant and timely information from Government, including translation into Myanmar language.
  • Collation and sharing of aid and development cooperation information for the benefit of the CPG, including strategies/policies, studies and assessments, records of meetings, etc. This information will be managed by the CPG secretariat in collaboration with the Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU), on a MIMU hosted web-based platform for use by CPs.
  • Provision of regular updates on new developments, studies, contact lists for CPG members, both proactively and on demand. Ensure that CPG documentation is updated including CPG Terms of Reference, and encourage CPs to share relevant public information (e.g. public studies, strategies, etc) openly through the MIMU platform.ย 
  • Share knowledge on, and promote understanding of, development cooperation with key national stakeholders, including developing their capacities in this area (e.g. for Government, civil society, private sector).
  • Provision of significant added value to the CPG through preparation of analytical briefs, discussion papers, concept notes, etc. in development cooperation areas, as needed, to assist CPG in developing strategies about specific issues and emerging themes.ย 
  • Where such analysis requires outsourcing due to volume or time required, and dependent on budget, facilitation of such analysis through subject matter experts as mentioned in result area 1. above.
  • Achievement of the Development Cooperation Analystโ€™s key results will contribute to overall development effectiveness practices in Myanmar and support wider development community coordination.ย 
  • The efficient and timely achievement of the key results will also strengthen UNDPโ€™s position as a strong and reliable development partner and provide satisfaction on the part of the development partners in the country.ย 
  • At least a Bachelor or Masterโ€™s Degree in Development, Economics, Political and Social Sciences, International Relations or any other relevant fields.
  • A minimum of 2 yearsโ€™ experience with Master Degree and 4 years with Bachelor Degree in functions related to development cooperation and coordination as well as aid effectiveness.
  • Experience of working in development, humanitarian and/or peacebuilding contexts at field level would be an advantage.
  • Strong knowledge of, and engagement in, global discussions on development effectiveness (Busan, Accra Accord, Paris Declaration, etc.), preferably at the country level.
  • Demonstrable experience in coordinating and communicating with a wide range of stakeholders, including government and development partners.
  • Proven record of leading research and/or analysis work.ย 
  • Excellent interpersonal and oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work well in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams and with varying levels of seniority.
  • Experience in Myanmar and/or other South East Asian countries will be considered as an advantage.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.

UNDP is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.ย ย  Women are encouraged to apply the post.

Only those candidates in whose qualifications and experience the Organization has further interest will be contacted for subsequent interview(s). UNDP regrets its inability to reply individually or attend to telephone queries on the advertised posts.


Contract Duration: 364 days

This vacancy is archived.

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