Design and Management of a Youth, Employment and Entrepreneurship web portal

  • Added Date: Thursday, 03 September 2020
  • Deadline Date: Sunday, 20 September 2020

The aim of this consultancy is to design an interactive and user-friendly website (will be referred to hereafter as the knowledge portal) for two of Oxfam鈥檚 projects specifically focusing on Youth and Employment issues (YPE and MEDUP programmes). To achieve the objective of this assignment, the consulting firm shall deliver the following services and outputs:

A. Based on a meeting (workshop) with Oxfam staff, assess the needs of Oxfam for the knowledge portal. Following the meeting, a specification document will be developed to reflect the needs and requirements of Oxfam. The specification document will serve as the basis for the design of the portal and has to be agreed by Oxfam (YPE and MEDUP programmes) and the consulting firm.

B. Establish the Knowledge Portal in order to disseminate knowledge and learning products produced by YPE and MEDUP, as well as other Oxfam鈥檚 youth and employment products relevant to the MENA region, to wide-array of stakeholders;

路 Provide the Oxfam with a domain name registration and a hosting package (name to be agreed on). The hosting cost should be specified separately in the technical and financial offer.

路 Create an interactive website design, which is visually appealing, creative and with a consistent interface, as well as with quick loading, uploading, and downloading function;

路 Create a dynamic website, which is user-friendly, highly secure, with ease in accessibility, maintenance/update and information retrieval;

路 Create webpages and portals for a number of the programme services such as: About us, contact us, news, partners, blogs, publications (reports, casebooks, case studies, etc.), video gallery (webinars, interviews, awareness videos, etc.), newsletter, podcast, etc.;

路 Establish linkages between partners summary and partners websites through hyperlinks;

路 The languages of the website will be English, Arabic and French. English will be the basis for the website development, some of the pages will be presented in Arabic and French as well;

路 Ensure the compatibility of the design with major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE), and integrate a search function with autocomplete suggestions. Additionally, the website preview should be combatable with other devices (e.g. Mobile smart phones); Publish the website on the webhosting space, and test the website performance for any errors or flaws before publishing to the public;

路 Search Engine Optimization and site analysis: The contracted web development company will ensure the search engine optimization. And it will provide annual and detailed reports analyzing progress, trends and areas to be improved. The SEO work will include:

  • Keyword research & analysis

  • Site analysis

  • Site content optimization

  • HTML code optimization

  • Search Engine submission (free search engines)

路 The administrator of the control panel should have access to the number of the website visitors with gender disaggregated information (number of visitors inc. men, women, and others ).

C. Maintain the website and undertake the necessary updates and bug fixes during the duration of the contract. Provide 6 months (with up to 30 days) maintenance for the website.

路 The maintenance activities include:

  • Functional enhancements to the website and activities to increase the system鈥檚 performance or to enhance its user interface;

  • Periodically increase security in order to face latest hacker techniques and threats as well as provide website security regular checks;

  • Swift support against any design or development flaws, and immediately fix problems that may appear during operation;

  • Data entry, including (but not limited to) updating links, text and graphics as supplied by the client;

  • Site/pages archiving (in case of old websites/pages);

  • Website visitors reporting (available 24 hours on Google Analytics web page);

The free maintenance does not cover:

  • time spent to re-design a site for compatibility due to the introduction of a new browser version, which can be separately negotiated;

  • time to repair any work done by the client or a third party that damages the design or impairs the ability for the web pages to display or function properly;

  • A total change in the system core, which will require more than one working day.

D. Train relevant Oxfam staff to technically master the use and maintenance of the new website, and how to feed new data on the control panel. The workshop will last for two days and for up to 10 Oxfam staff members.

E. Develop and newsletter imbedded in the website. The platform should also include the option of subscribed newsletter that will be developed and circulated by the programme. In addition, the company will assist technically the newsletter development.

1. Deliverables

The service shall be verified through the following deliverables**

路 A meeting has been arranged with Oxfam (YPE and MEDUP) to discuss main features and themes of the platform layout to make it attractive and user-friendly;

路 Three different design concepts as static shots for the landing page (images .jpg files) have been designed and submitted to Oxfam. After concept approval, inner pages designing shall begin. Main inner pages have been sent as static images (.jpg files) for Oxfam review and approval;

路 Final designs of all website pages have been presented for approval by Oxfam (as PPT and PDF);

路 The platform has been delivered in a test mode for Oxfam to review;

路 Professional, interactive, user-friendly platform developed and launched (tested);

路 Platform functions appropriately on a wide range of commonly used browsers;

路 Access to the website is secured and authenticated;

路 Training has been provided to relevant Oxfam staff to technically master the use and maintenance of the platform;

路 A user guide for the website administrators has been developed in English;

路 Newsletter software has been designed and linked to users鈥 subscriptions on the platform.

2. Eligibility

路 Proven experience of web design and support in the international development sector;

路 Previous experience with developing knowledge portals for INGOs is desirable;

路 Ability to design website in multilabel language formats, namely English, French and Arabic.

路 Strong experience in developing well-known and widely used open source platforms;

路 Understanding of End Users needs to match with adequate technical solutions;

路 Demonstrated experience in graphic design;

路 Attention to detail and demonstrable ability to work to brief and deadlines;

路 Competitive financial offer.

This vacancy is archived.

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